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Frustrated By How Complicated Booking A Cruise Is?

I Make It Easy.

I’m Shawn Power. With My Consultations, You’ll Get The Unforgettable Cruise You Want Without Wasting Hours Trying To Find It.

No more endless browsing to find the right cruise deal

No more stressing over conflicting online information

No more chatting with support agents who just read scripts

No more worries about spending time and money on bad experiences

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Shawn Who?

I’m not a household name — but in the cruise industry, there’s nobody like me.

I’ve worked with nearly 8000 clients, sold tens of millions in cruises, and I have been recognized multiple times as one of North America’s BEST travel agents by the American Express Pacesetters program.

But what really matters is that my clients love the cruises I plan for them.

90% of the thousands of travelers I work with book with me again or refer a friend.

Let me tell you why.

How Am I Different?

I understand your frustrations because I was where you are now. It’s what led me to become a cruise consultant.

I researched online and read reviews. I called and chatted with cruise line reps and travel agents. But all I received were conflicting details and uncertain answers, so I dug even deeper — and discovered that sometimes even the official brochures weren’t accurate.

So I created a better way.

My Cruise Planning Isn’t Based On Scripts Or Brochures

It’s based on dozens of sailings, interviews with captains, crews, and passengers, plus extensive onboard documentation.

Typical Travel Agent

Little To No Cruise Experience

Just Repeats Marketing Materials

Takes A Day Or More To Respond

Rarely Works With Repeat Clients

Acts As A Messenger With Cruise Lines

Shawn Power

75+ Cruises Assessed (+8 to 10 Annually!)

Delivers Authentic Real-World Insights

Responds In 1 Hour Or Less

Has A 90% Repeat Or Recommend Rate

Acts As Your Personal VIP Representative With Cruise Lines

I Bring You Real, Unfiltered Advice

Like some travel agents, I’ve graduated from multiple cruise line training programs. I know their ships and the types of packages they offer.

Unlike most travel agents, I’ve also actually sailed with the cruise lines you’re researching. Regent and Seabourn, Tauck and Oceania, Celebrity and  AmaWaterways — all of the world’s premier cruise lines, all paid for myself to receive an unbiased experience.

So what I tell you isn’t just the product of marketing materials or sponsored reviews, it’s genuine information on how each cruise line is different and what you can expect.

Don’t Believe Me — Believe My Clients

See why thousands of travelers have chosen to work with me (and keep coming back!)

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Ken & Dawn Tremblett
Vancouver, BC
We are grateful to have met Shawn over a decade ago while we were on board an Oceania cruise, getting ready to ring in the New Year.  
Meeting Shawn was, in itself, a wonderful experience. His love of travel, and his passion for exploring the world, has taken him to countless countries.  Whether by land or sea, he has done it all which gives him the unique ability to speak first hand, about anywhere we dream to go. 
The friendship we have developed, along with the dozen, or more, cruises that we have booked through him, have given us precious memories that will last a lifetime. 
He is the best in the business, and we are delighted to say so. We have recommended Shawn to many of our friends, and will continue to do so. They’re as pleased as we are.  
Shawn’s extensive travel knowledge, his impeccable and prompt service, and his ability to match us up with the cruise line, and itinerary that he knows we would most enjoy… makes Shawn truly, an expert in his field!

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Dave & Judy
We first met Shawn virtually in 2014 when he arranged a 7 couple Uniworld Bordeaux river trip. All the couples were blown away by the service he provided. To our knowledge they all still use his help for cruises, rivers and oceans.
Many of those same couples just finished a SilverSea Origin Galapagos cruise last week. And along the way he has picked up international customers that we personally know from Australia and New Zealand.
We get so many perks from having Shawn be our agent it is mind boggling. We have lost count of the cruises he has arranged for us. No one that we have referred to him has been disappointed.
When our Silversea Arctic trip was threatened by a flight cancellation, we managed a flight work around, and with his help, they actually delayed sailing until we got on board. Literally the ship was moving 10 minutes after we boarded. 
Our Amawaterways Vietnam river cruise was a top 5 lifetime cruise of any type. And we did it at his recommendation. (Hint- do a walking street food tour in Hanoi old town before the land part of the cruise starts.). He always answers emails quickly, even when he has limited internet himself.
If you can’t tell we are fans.
We have several more trips lined up.
The pictures are Bordeaux in 2014, Egypt in 2020 and the Galapagos 2022.
Thank you Shawn. 

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Cindy and Jean-Michel
Queens, NY
I stumbled upon Shawn’s web page when looking for reviews about the Tauck Danube River cruise. We were not sure that a river cruise was the way we wanted to visit this area of the world but by the time I read every word, read every detail about the trip, looked at every picture, I was hooked. I had to go on this trip!  Planning this vacation with Shawn was very easy. He always answers promptly when you send him an e-mail, he gives great suggestions and tips, he helps you along each step of the reservation process from choosing the tour to paying the final payment, and he is really an expert on every aspect about the cruise/tour experience.  The Blue Danube River Cruise was phenomenal!  It surpassed our expectations.  We’ve booked the African safari with Shawn and have 3 more trips in mind. 

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Charles and Margaret
North Carolina

We have been thrilled with the wonderful travel guidance and assistance Shawn Power has provided to us since we located his agency on the internet in 2021. We read his detailed accounts of his adventures on his website and knew we had located a travel agent with first hand knowledge of various cruise lines as well as an experienced traveler all over the globe. His written and photo accounts provided us with details on what to expect with various ocean, river and land adventures as well as what various cruise lines provide. We appreciated Shawn’s thorough accounts and contacted him for an initial telephone introduction to see if he would be the travel agent we would like to work with in planning our retirement travels. We quickly saw we had located “our” travel agent!  We imagine every client feels the same way — Shawn is their own personal travel agent too!  

Shawn has guided us in planning a Nile River Cruise with AmaWaterways, Alaska cruise and land extension with Seabourn, and South Africa land trip with Tauck. He has provided expert guidance in our trip planning each step of the way! He listens to understand our interests and travel parameters and then guides us in identifying the cruise or land trip to meet our specifications.  He is a very responsive travel agent – day, night, weekends!  No question is too small to ask! It is astonishing to us to receive a thorough response so quickly – a great and appreciated client service! As a busy travel expert, we were pleasantly surprised to receive a personal note in our suite on the AmaWaterways Nile Cruise! What a nice touch!
We highly recommend Shawn Power to others and look forward to Shawn helping us plan more travel adventures!

Ready For The Best Cruise Experience You’ve Ever Had?

Then Book A Cruise Discovery Session With Me

$300 Welcome Bonus • Exclusive Perks On Every Cruise

Don’t Waste Time & Money On Disappointment

Imagine a cruise with cramped staterooms, long line ups, drunk guests, kids running around everywhere, and crew who look like they’d rather be anywhere else.

Now imagine having committed tens of thousands of dollars and weeks of precious holiday time to that experience.
That’s NOT what you want — but it’s often what you get from travel agents who want to entice you with a low price but don’t understand what they’re signing you up for.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

I’ll help you find a great cruise with 5-star experiences, all-inclusive pricing, and outstanding dining. Plus, you’ll even receive exclusive bonus perks like a free hotel stay or onboard spending credits!

Consulting With Me Means…

The Best Cruises You’ve Ever Taken, Period

My authentic cruise experience means I will never send you on a cruise that’s bad, generic, or even just mediocre. 

Steer clear of “nickel-and-dime” experiences

Escape packed cruises with claustrophobic staterooms

Skip the disappointment of extra-charge shoreline excursions

Consulting With Me Means…

Hours Of Time Saved

Browsing through listings, juggling quote requests, reading reviews — all of that tedious work will be GONE.

Take the stress out of planning

Feel excited (not stressed!) about your holiday

Avoid ruining spontaneous moments by over-researching

Consulting With Me Means…

The Best Value, Guaranteed

As an elite, award-winning cruise consultant, the cruise lines trust me with their best deals.

Access exclusive agent-only bonuses

Receive perks like a FREE hotel stay, onboard spending money, or prepaid gratuities on every cruise

Get easy, no-argument price protection

Consulting With Me Means…

No More Guesswork

You’ll never have to wonder about conflicting information you heard or saw online.
My details are 100% reliable.

Stop wasting time and space preparing for this case or that case

Get answers to ALL of your questions

Plan your trip with total confidence

$300 Welcome Bonus • Exclusive Perks On Every Cruise

Consulting With Me Means…

ZERO Unwanted Surprises

From which visas you need to when you should book connecting flights, you’ll never be caught off guard.

Never be stuck with a hot, cramped, or noisy stateroom

Get expert advice on what activities to take (or avoid!)

Know exactly when to arrive to minimize lodging costs without risking delays

$300 Welcome Bonus • Exclusive Perks On Every Cruise

Consulting With Me Means…

Feel-Like-Royalty Support

No question is too big or too small — message me anytime, anywhere, and I’ll typically respond within an hour.

Have someone with the clout to solve pre-cruise challenges, onboard issues, and other problems for you

Receive fast support instead of being passed around or spending hours on hold

Book confidently knowing you’re supported before, during, and after your cruise

$300 Welcome Bonus • Exclusive Perks On Every Cruise

Why Even Risk A Disappointing Cruise?

It’s Not Just A Consultation. It’s All The Details Handled, And A Guaranteed Unforgettable Experience

$300 Welcome Bonus • Exclusive Perks On Every Cruise

I’ve Earned The Approval Of The World’s Premier Cruise Lines

See What They Say About Me

“The best of the best - I would highly recommend Shawn”

Leslie Marshall
Business Development Manager

“Shawn is committed to making sure all arrangements are perfectly executed”

Randall Soy
Executive Vice President

“True value is delivered through Shawn's knowledge and understanding”

Steve Smotrys
Vice President Global Sales

“Shawn takes the time to listen to what his clients are looking for and then presents them the right cruise.”

Mark Conroy
Managing Director

“Sit back, relax and let Shawn plan the trip of a lifetime for you”

Nikki Upshaw
Senior Vice President of Sales

“Shawn is a true specialist in what he does. His passion & knowledge is unique”

Lori Goldspiel
Assistant Vice President of Sales

Experience Award Winning Cruise Planning

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What’s Peace Of Mind Worth To You?

When you’re investing tens of thousands of dollars and weeks of your life into an experience, it should be perfect.

Working with me gives you absolute peace of mind that your trip will be flawless.
And not just while you’re sailing — before and after, too.

Stop Wasting Time And Money!

Enjoy the cruise of a lifetime, every time.

$300 Welcome Bonus • Exclusive Perks On Every Cruise

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t think of this up-front “Cruise Discovery Session” fee as something you’re paying extra for on top of your cruise — think of it as a one-time membership fee to be able to book your cruise and future cruises with one of the most experienced cruise consultants in the world.

If you looked up a comparable lawyer, doctor, or professional with the same level of industry knowledge and expertise that I offer, $297 wouldn’t sound very expensive at all, especially for a one-time fee.

I have many clients who have booked 20 – 30+ cruises with me, so if you spread out the cost over time, it’s virtually the cost of a specialty coffee. Even if you never book a cruise with me again, it’ll still be worth it purely based on the insider information you take away to guide any bookings that you decide to place on your own.

Plus, you’ll receive a booking bonus worth at least $300 on your first cruise and a booking bonus on every cruise after that, which basically offsets the entire fee.

Aside from making your Cruise Discovery Session virtually free, my guaranteed booking bonus provides you with a minimum of $300 in extra value on your very first booking in the form of a discount or onboard credit or free gratuities or a free hotel night or a rebate check or a gift card, etc. Each cruise line’s rules determine what I’ll be able to do for you. The bonuses don’t stop there either — you’ll receive an exclusive booking bonus on every single cruise you book with me after that as well.

After the initial $297 Cruise Discovery Session fee (which is for your call, not per person, so having your spouse/anyone else on the call with you is no problem!) there are absolutely no other fees for cancellations, maintenance, or anything else. If you’ve ever booked with a discount agency that’s charged you for every single small request or adjustment, you know just how valuable it is to have a one-time, lifetime fee.

To be clear, that doesn’t mean I’ll be able to waive any fees that the cruise line may charge you for cancelling or changing your booking, but I’ll never add any fees on top of what the cruise lines charge.

That’s correct! The one-time charge covers your initial session and all future sessions.

I’ve been all around the world (currently 70 countries) taking cruises (currently 77 + 4 Tauck Land Tours) and capturing detailed information about each one through reviews, pictures and videos.

That lets me answer even the toughest questions from other experienced cruise enthusiasts, and it’s an approach that’s allowed me to book cruises for thousands & thousands of clients — over $50 million dollars worth in just 16 years, which is almost unheard of (extremely rare) in the industry for a single cruise consultant.

But it isn’t just my sales numbers that vouch for me, there are plenty of industry experts who do too, and they’ve awarded me – multiple times – with the coveted American Express Pacesetter Award, the Chairman’s Club Award, and the North America’s Top 25 Travel Agents Award, just to name a few.

I always believe that the strongest proof is in my referral and repeat client numbers though. Over 90% of the people I work with either return to book another cruise or refer someone to book a cruise with me — two clear signs that they had a great experience.

Absolutely! No matter where I am in the world, I make sure to maintain the same level of prompt and responsive communication that my clients expect. In fact, in the testimonies they send me (seen above) many of them mention how they can’t believe how fast I reply to them, even when I’m on my own vacations! 😉 

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