Your dream cruise vacation.
Planned in under 30 minutes.

With a Cruise Discovery Session, you never have to waste time or feel frustrated with DIY cruise bookings.

  • Personalized, value-packed cruises planned in half an hour or less
  • Lifetime access to one of the world’s top cruise consultants
  • An exclusive booking bonus for every cruise

There’s a secret in the cruise industry.

A lot of cruise information out there isn’t accurate.

Most professional reviewers only go on brief, carefully-managed versions of cruises, and online agents just repeat what’s online or in the brochures.

I do things differently. I take the same cruises as regular travellers to uncover real, unfiltered cruise insights — then use those insights to connect you with the best cruise experiences.

Cruise lines don’t understand what you want.

They just want to sell you a cruise.

How? By showing you low prices…and cutting corners to achieve them. The result is that you’re happy with the price, but disappointed with everything else. What you actually want is great value and an amazing cruise experience.

With Cruise Discovery Sessions, you get both of those things. That means:

Stop spending dozens of hours on researching and booking


Know that your cruise is genuinely aligned with your needs and interests


Be confident that you’re getting what you paid for on your cruise vacation


Have a point of contact who can quickly solve any issues you encounter


Get fast, reliable answers when you need them…not days later


Receive expert flight and booking advice to avoid potential delays

Hi, I’m Shawn Power.

I’m one of the world’s
top cruise consultants.

I’m not here to be a typical travel agent — I’m here to completely transform how you book cruises.

75+ Cruises Personally Vetted

I provide authentic, cruise-specific insights because I’ve taken them before.

$50+ Million in Cruises Sold

Travelers love the experiences I create for them, and they keep coming back.

6+ Industry Awards Received

Cruise lines know that I’ll treat you well, which lets me bring you better deals.

Cruise Discovery Sessions

Unforgettable cruises with practically zero effort.

If you’ve ever booked a cruise yourself, you know there are questions.
Lots and lots of questions. Is this cruise good for adults? How can I avoid tourist traps? Am I genuinely getting a good deal?

Now imagine being able to ask an expert who’s taken the exact cruise you’re interested in. Someone who can replace hours of research with instant answers that you know are reliable and up-to-date.

That’s what you get with a Cruise Discovery Session. 30 minutes. All the answers you need. Done.

Find out what you wanted to know — and didn’t know you wanted to know.

From the best time of year to book, to which precise cabins to choose to avoid potential noise, excess foot traffic, ship vibration and more, my knowledge helps you craft the experience you’re looking for.

Get lifetime access to one of the world’s leading cruise consultants.

For me, no question is too big or too small, and when you need someone to step in on your behalf with the cruise lines, my connections get problems solved quickly and easily.

Receive an exclusive booking bonus on every cruise you book with me.

No matter where or when you cruise, as a top cruise consultant, I can help you get perks that you can’t access when booking directly with the cruise lines.

Get over $300 in value even if you don’t book a cruise with me.

After just 30 minutes with me, you’ll walk away with a wealth of insider knowledge that will fundamentally and invaluably change how you approach cruise booking.

Authentic experiences. Real insights.

My Cruise Discovery Sessions were developed by investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into researching, taking, and documenting dozens and dozens of the world’s most in-demand cruises over nearly 2 decades — and I continue to take as many as 10 additional sailings each year.

That means no more wondering about conflicting information you see online, or waiting days for an online agent to tell you what you could already find in a brochure.

You simply get a better experience, in less time, with far fewer frustrations.


  • CLIA Elite Cruise Counsellor
  • CLIA Luxury Cruise Specialist
  • Multi-Time American Express Pacesetter Award Recipient
  • Top 25 “All Star” Travel Agent in North America
  • Avoya Travel “Chairman’s Club” Award
  • Avoya Travel “President’s Circle” Award

Only a $297 USD One-Time Fee

Lifetime Access To Cruise Discovery Sessions

Never deal with the stress of booking a cruise yourself again.

Direct, Fast Support Before, During, and After Your Cruises

Stop being put on hold, start getting answers and solutions.

Initial $300 Credit + Exclusive Booking Bonuses On Every Cruise

Get discounts, onboard credit, free gratuities, free hotel stays, or a rebate check with every booking.

Over 90% of my clients are repeats or referrals.

See how my discovery sessions and planning transformed their cruise vacations.

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Dave & Judy
We first met Shawn virtually in 2014 when he arranged a 7 couple Uniworld Bordeaux river trip. All the couples were blown away by the service he provided. To our knowledge they all still use his help for cruises, rivers and oceans.
Many of those same couples just finished a SilverSea Origin Galapagos cruise last week. And along the way he has picked up international customers that we personally know from Australia and New Zealand.
We get so many perks from having Shawn be our agent it is mind boggling. We have lost count of the cruises he has arranged for us. No one that we have referred to him has been disappointed.
When our Silversea Arctic trip was threatened by a flight cancellation, we managed a flight work around, and with his help, they actually delayed sailing until we got on board. Literally the ship was moving 10 minutes after we boarded. 
Our Amawaterways Vietnam river cruise was a top 5 lifetime cruise of any type. And we did it at his recommendation. (Hint- do a walking street food tour in Hanoi old town before the land part of the cruise starts.). He always answers emails quickly, even when he has limited internet himself.
If you can’t tell we are fans.
We have several more trips lined up.
The pictures are Bordeaux in 2014, Egypt in 2020 and the Galapagos 2022.
Thank you Shawn. 

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Janice & Patrick Moan
San Jose, CA

I/we have been on a quest to replace our favorite TA who passed away a number of years ago. We have utilized many that are “good” but that one element has been missing until we were referred to Shawn. Shawn came to us at the most opportune time because we have been on a Pinnacle hunt due to Royal Caribbean’s promotion during COVID. My husband and I have traditionally always booked at a minimum a JS or higher depending on pricing: having double points is making the dream that we thought was out of reach within our grasp.

Shawn has helped us during the numerous cruise cancellations and assisted us in finding suitable alternatives.  Additionally, he also tracks pricing; adjustments are automatically made to the original booking. Most importantly and a blessing is that “he” seems to be available via email all of the times that I have needed something…not expecting a response since it is the weekend or that he is on vacation. Guess what? SHAWN IS THERE!

We knew he was special but his going above and beyond for the ICON bookings today (10/24/22) affirmed what we knew…he is the BEST! Shawn you truly deserve all of your accolades and honors and here’s to more!

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Tomas & Ana Maria Gamba

For almost a decade now Shawn has been our Cruise Expert, helping us plan sailings on Oceania, Regent & Silversea. As always, we were very pleased with our Suite’s location and the arrangements that Shawn made for us on our most recent trip on Oceania Riviera! We’ll for sure continue booking our vacations with Shawn for years to come!

Blanca and Frank
Over the years Shawn has made our vacations special and memorable, we will cherish them forever.
Shawn is a great planner, he knows exactly what we expect from our trips. He is very patient and knows well how to advise
his clients. He has always helped us tremendously with our plans and we have had amazing results.
There is no way we would change Shawn for any other Travel Agent!

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Shirley & Don
We have now worked with Shawn to book at least 5 cruises all over the world. His insight and connections have been helpful to get many early bird deals, discounts, perks and ship credits. He has so much experience that he will guide you toward the best itineraries and shore excursions (because he has probably already done them himself, or has clients who have given him feedback). We know that if “Shawn recommends it” it will be a good experience. And he is always prompt in answering our emails, even in near crisis situations. We can’t recommend him enough and have referred friends to him, who have also loved his services. Picture on Anghor Wat on recent Vietnam/Cambodia Cruise.

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Kathy and Mitch
Shawn is a true “POWER house” in cruise expertise.  We have been booking cruises with Shawn for many years and have never been disappointed.  In fact, his customer service is always top notch.  He remembers the details and reminds us of deadlines.  He provides meaningful information for each of our destinations so we get the very best experience when we are on an adventure.  I feel absolutely confident he can help when we have a hiccup in our travel plans.  I would recommend Shawn without reservation! (no pun intended)  

Enjoy the cruise of a lifetime, every time.

Book your 30-minute Cruise Discovery Session and get a risk-free, zero-stress experience from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t think of this up-front “Cruise Discovery Session” fee as something you’re paying extra for on top of your cruise — think of it as a one-time membership fee to be able to book your cruise and future cruises with one of the most experienced cruise consultants in the world.

If you looked up a comparable lawyer, doctor, or professional with the same level of industry knowledge and expertise that I offer, $297 wouldn’t sound very expensive at all, especially for a one-time fee.

I have many clients who have booked 20 – 30+ cruises with me, so if you spread out the cost over time, it’s virtually the cost of a specialty coffee. Even if you never book a cruise with me again, it’ll still be worth it purely based on the insider information you take away to guide any bookings that you decide to place on your own.

Plus, you’ll receive a booking bonus worth at least $300 on your first cruise and a booking bonus on every cruise after that, which basically offsets the entire fee.

Aside from making your Cruise Discovery Session virtually free, my guaranteed booking bonus provides you with a minimum of $300 in extra value on your very first booking with me in the form of a discount or onboard credit or free gratuities or a free hotel night or a rebate check or a gift card, etc. Each Cruiseline’s rules determine what I’ll be able to do for you. The bonuses don’t stop there, either — you’ll receive an exclusive booking bonus on every single cruise you book with me after that as well.

After the initial $297 Cruise Discovery Session fee, there are absolutely no other fees for cancellations, maintenance, or anything else. If you’ve ever booked with a discount agency that’s charged you for every single small request or adjustment, you know just how valuable it is to have a one-time, lifetime fee.

To be clear, that doesn’t mean I’ll be able to waive any fees that the cruise line may charge you for cancelling or changing your booking, but I’ll never add any fees on top of what the cruise lines charge.

That’s correct! The one-time charge covers your initial session and all future sessions.

I’ve been all around the world (Currently 75 Countries) taking cruises (Currently 77) and capturing detailed information about each one through reviews, pictures and videos.

That lets me answer even the toughest questions from other experienced cruise enthusiasts and it’s an approach that’s allowed me to book cruises for thousands & thousands of my clients — over $50 million dollars worth in just 16 years, which is almost unheard of (extremely rare) in the industry for a single cruise consultant.

But it isn’t just the results that vouch for me, there are plenty of industry experts who do too, and they’ve awarded me, multiple times, with the coveted American Express Pacesetter Award, the Chairman’s Club Award and the North America’s Top 25 Travel Agents Award, just to name a few.

I always believe that the strongest proof is in my referral and repeat client numbers though. Over 90% of the people I work with either return to book another cruise or refer someone to book a cruise with me — two clear signs that they had a great experience.

Absolutely! No matter where I am in the world, I make sure to maintain the same level of prompt and responsive communication that my clients expect. In fact, in the testimonies they send me (seen above) many of them mention how they can’t believe how fast I reply to them, even when on my own Vacations! 😉 

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