Uniworld Boutique River Cruiseline Advantages Over Other River Cruise Lines

As Uniworld is just one of a few major River Cruise-lines (we sell them all, have personally Cruised on most of them including 6 times on Uniworld & know them all well) you’re probably wondering why would you want to Cruise with them over anyone else?

Well, we’ve put together a few reasons to help you see why Uniworld is a great choice:

For Site1. They’re truly All-Inclusive!

The other major North American lines will tell you in their literature that they’re All-Inclusive yet you still have to tip all onboard staff & tour guides (almost $200 per guest per week when you convert from Euros) you still have to pay for wine, beer & soft-drinks outside of meals as well as ALL hard liquor (some don’t even include wine & beer with lunch) and you still have to pay for airport transfers if you don’t buy their airfare.

As Uniworld mentions here http://uniworld.com/true-all-inclusive-river-cruises that’s all included when you enjoy a River Cruises with them!

We’ve personally cruised with Uniworld 6 times now and to not have to keep reaching in our pockets while on Vacation is a pleasure and it truly makes everything much more relaxing and more enjoyable!

EVERY-TIME we Cruise on the other guys we consistently hear people
complain about the tipping, price of drinks, etc

So if you’re the type of person who likes to get the money issues out of the way up front when you book so you can enjoy a nickel-and-dime free vacation then Uniworld is a great fit for you!

**Note** The above refers to Uniworld’s Europe River Cruises… when you sail in Russia, Egypt, China, Vietnam & Cambodia, etc. all those destinations have different inclusions.


Uniworld Stateroom2. As the world’s only authentic Boutique River Cruise line, Uniworld is renowned for its one-of-a-kind ships & stylish décor. None of their ships are cookie-cutter as many other companies are (when on many lines you truly can’t tell one ship from another) so every-time you sail with Uniworld you’ll enjoy the personality of a new ship.

At first this may not sound like a big deal but people typically travel to Europe to see & experience different things and to get away from the “Big Box Store” sameness of our North American lifestyle so Uniworld gives you that “Europe Feel” the whole time you’re onboard instead of only when you’re off the ship.

Beatrice Tollman, the founder of Europe’s famous Boutique “Red Carnation” hotels, designs every Uniworld ship personally and has awesome taste! 🙂

And wait till you sleep in one of Uniworld’s Handcrafted Savoir® of England beds, you won’t want to get up! 🙂

You can learn more about Uniworld’s unique ships here: https://www.uniworld.com/en/why-uniworld/boutique-ships/


Uniworld Service

3. With one of the Highest staff-to-guest ratios in the river cruise industry and less people onboard then the mass-market River Cruiselines (150 on average instead of 190) you’ll appreciate the upscale feel onboard created with more space in the restaurants, lounges, & other public areas.  And when spending your hard earned money on a River Cruise, you want it to be superb! 🙂





4. Uniworld offers some very unique & exclusive included excursions:

As you’ll see in our Gallery here https://gallery.shawnpower.com/CruiseVacations
we’ve personally enjoyed some super special moments with Uniworld like:

Nancy & Shawn Kayaking on the Gardon River-an after hours visit to St Mark’s Cathedral

-a Kayak ride on the Gardon River

-a Hermitage Vineyards walking tour with wine tasting

-an intimate “Viviers through Music” tour

-a vineyard bicycle ride with wine tasting

-a Private evening tour of Bordeaux

-an Artisanal wine-pairing lunch at a Château

All of these were truly fabulous experiences!


Food Nancy & Shawn enjoyed on Uniworld5. Great food!

We’ve literally been on a River cruise with a competing company to Uniworld for a week, got off and then got on Uniworld the next day so we’ve truly compared line to line in a very quick time-frame so can give a real comparison compared to just reading about what the brochures tell us.

And in our opinion Uniworld’s food is definitely fresher, it contains more quality ingredients and is an overall step up!

Which is why they’ve been granted two prestigious awards by the distinguished readers of SAVEUR and Cruise International magazines for “Best Culinary Cruise Line” and “Best Luxury River Cruise Line.”

Food Nancy & Shawn enjoyed on UniworldAnd Uniworld’s onboard meals are not only impeccably prepared using the finest and freshest ingredients but are accompanied by unlimited beverages that include distinctive wines selected by acclaimed sommeliers.

And hey, who doesn’t love great food while on Vacation as it’s usually one of the most talked about highlights with your friends and family once back home! 🙂






All that said, check out these fantastic videos that will “show you” what we are talking about when it comes to Uniworld’s quality River Cruises and unique Boutique style:

So there you have it, some distinct advantages & great inspiration to get your Uniworld  River cruise booked today.

Call us at 1-800-219-7477 and we’ll help you get your Dream River Cruise Vacation turned into a Reality!

We appreciate you!!

Nancy & Shawn Power