Client Testimonials

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We first met Shawn virtually in 2014 when he arranged a 7 couple Uniworld Bordeaux river trip. All the couples were blown away by the service he provided. To our knowledge they all still use his help for cruises, rivers and oceans.
Many of those same couples just finished a SilverSea Origin Galapagos cruise last week. And along the way he has picked up international customers that we personally know from Australia and New Zealand.
We get so many perks from having Shawn be our agent it is mind boggling. We have lost count of the cruises he has arranged for us. No one that we have referred to him has been disappointed.
When our Silversea Arctic trip was threatened by a flight cancellation, we managed a flight work around, and with his help, they actually delayed sailing until we got on board. Literally the ship was moving 10 minutes after we boarded. 
Our Amawaterways Vietnam river cruise was a top 5 lifetime cruise of any type. And we did it at his recommendation. (Hint- do a walking street food tour in Hanoi old town before the land part of the cruise starts.). He always answers emails quickly, even when he has limited internet himself.
If you can’t tell we are fans.
We have several more trips lined up.
The pictures are Bordeaux in 2014, Egypt in 2020 and the Galapagos 2022.
Thank you Shawn. 
Dave & Judy

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Without a doubt, Shawn Power is the absolute best at planning cruises. He is knowledgeable, thorough, prompt, and always  a pleasure to deal with.

With four Azamara cruises, a couple of river cruises, and a couple of land tours planned with Shawn, we have yet to be disappointed. He answers all questions relative to our travels, thoroughly and patiently. On several occasions, he has gone above and beyond what is necessary to satisfy our needs.

We wouldn’t trust anyone else to work with us to plan our next adventure!

Terry Tomasic
Delmont, PA

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Shawn’s knowledge about the world of travel is vast. He enthusiastically shares his experiences and insights so that your next trip will be a success. We have planned with Shawn several cruises and a land tour and have always felt comfortable with the process. I appreciate his thoroughness, promptness and research and am confident I work with one of the best travel agents out there. 

Mark & Shu

Jody & CharlieHi Shawn, thank you for planning the most amazing river cruise for our group. I’m not sure we can ever just go in a regular cabin after the first class service from Tauck. We will definitely go again on another adventure and I would recommend you to all my friends. The scenery, the tour directors and tour guides to the wait staff the very best. 

Please feel free to share this on your website. I’m sorry it took so long.

Thank you again,
Jody & Charlie Simmer

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The mean side of me doesn’t want to share Shawn, but the world should know that he is the BEST. He listens, is available and responds immediately. 

Susan & Glenn Shea “Those HNL Sheas”
Honolulu, HI

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This selfie was taken at Palais Pallavicini in Vienna, Austria

We planned on taking this beautiful trip back in 2019 for our retirement.  A good friend recommended Shawn to guide us through it.  Shawn answered all of our questions and we originally were scheduled to go in 2020.

Obviously,  that did not happen and he was able to get us rebooked in 2021.

We started to panic in the Spring of 2021 and asked Shawn to move this trip to 2022.  He even found us a spot that was less expensive!! 

We had a fabulous time and an epic trip and will definitely call Shawn for our next adventure!!

Karen and Byron Cluckey
Plainfield,  IL

Hello Shawn,

I would like to mention that I am remiss in telling what a spectacular time we enjoyed on our European trip with your recommendation to Tauck.  This is simply the best level of travel we have been privileged to enjoy and thank you for your kind encouragement. The flights went well, the hotel was spot on set in the heart of the city in Prague, an easy walk to the copious historical sites and museums; it was perfect.  The hotel staff was quite nice, helpful and we enjoyed our stay in Prague tremendously.  Wow did we need more time to visit as there is so much we wanted to see and explore.  Next time perhaps?  The local tour guides were well chosen and truly enjoyed their jobs and our many questions.  The amazing constant tour guides we had, Monica, Kamilla and Sineade were fountains of information, marvelously skilled in managing a group visit and we loved each day with them. From (we personally found too little, we will be smarter next time!) time in Prague and onward toward the river we found the coaches with top notch drivers and great comfort, truly delightful.  

Our time on the Danube River trip aboard the Savor was simply spectacular, everything a person could hope for and more.  What a magnificent boat it is!  Every smiling face was a pure joy to meet each day and the arrangements were simply deluxe. From the moment we boarded we were beset with broad smiles, treats, fresh towels, an aperitif, what ever, it was there and always a delightful surprise!   Our expert captains kept us safe and comfortable the entire time and we tip our hats to them!  There was only 4.5 meters of water beneath us in Budapest and we did see a fleet of larger, heavier boats tied up at the docks along the way.  Lucky us, Onward we sailed and we thoroughly enjoyed the visits and tours planned along the way, the itinerary was delightful and we never missed a guided tour at all.  Our learned guides kept us well informed and in great spirits.  The breadth of history is simply awe inspiring and we felt quite small in this world.  

Our local guides in each place and especially Budapest were top level and a delight to spend time with.  Our 12 days literally flew past!

The very capable crew wined us, dined us, entertained us, danced with us and we enjoyed it all as well as they, it showed.  We were thrilled with our third deck cabin and found it delightfully comfortable in every way, we found not a single thing to wish for. Fortunately, we are not fussy people but we are quite appreciative of fine accommodations and fine care so thank you deeply to all involved.  The level of guests traveling with us was quite lovely, all were smart, conversational,  polite, accommodating and fun to spend time with.  We made so many new travel friends whom we hope to see again on other tours.

I do believe we are now Tauck-ees for life and Shawn, you are our agent, always. Your expertise, ease, immediate answers to our many questions put us completely at ease and we thank you deeply.

Most Sincerely,

Jeannie and Gary Decker

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“As more and more information is available on “the web” for travel advice, the more complex travel can be. Whose opinion do you trust? Who has actual hands on experience in the trip you are looking to take? Who understands your budget, your expectations, are thinking about things you should be thinking about that you haven’t thought about?

Our solution for travel ease came when we found Shawn (and Nancy) Power. They ask probing questions to be sure they recommend the best options. They work within your timeframe for travel, since we are still working a long cruise currently can’t be fit into our schedule.

Our current 2016 trips, seamlessly planned by Shawn are: Silversea Expedition to the Galapagos Islands and an Avalon Waterways River cruise from Paris to Normandy and the beautiful Paris countryside. Two totally different types of travel. As we were planning both of these Shawn was there answering questions, even when he and Nancy were off enjoying their own travel experiences. No question is too simple, he has always given us the peace of mind to make the right decision.

I don’t easily recommend but in this particular case I can emphatically and passionately say, for your cruising needs go to Shawn and Nancy Power!”

Carlene & Cliff

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“We met Shawn and Nancy last year as fellow travellers on Tauck Tour’s A Portrait of India trip (fantastic trip, by the way!). As we chatted along our adventures together, it became immediately clear how well-traveled and informative they both are. It was amazing, actually, to learn the extent of their travels and how well informed they are about the cruise and travel industry and how willing they are to share their knowledge and expertise. We were very impressed.

Once home and thinking about our next trips, we thought we’d give Shawn a ring to see how he could help. We wanted to book an Alaskan cruise, a Panama Canal cruise and a safari in South Africa. He guided us patiently through our options, the pros and cons of the various cruise lines and companies and which would best match our requirements and preferences. We booked all three trips with him and just returned from our Alaskan adventure. It was great!

Shawn is so responsive to emails and phone calls and so knowledgeable about so many destinations because he and Nancy have no doubt already been there. He is also a straight shooter, honest and lets us know what is good value and what is not. In addition to all his expertise and help, he is able to get discounts and credits that we would not get otherwise. We will ALWAYS call Shawn when planning a trip. Do not hesitate – you will not be disappointed!”

Shelly and Mick Hosken
Sacramento, California

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“Shawn and Nancy are heroes!

Workaholic here… I realize many people don’t approach their travel this way, but this is my testimony ☺

I randomly found Shawn and Nancy’s website while researching the endless vacation options out there. I confess, I never liked travel agents so it was odd that I even called. However – Shawn is not like the others. He is amazing! Outside of work related issues I was incapable of making a decision. He listened to me babble and knew exactly how to guide us. Sure, there may be others who have experience – but Shawn does more than just provide information. He’s like the travel doctor! A good doctor listens to the patient, diagnoses the problem and determines the best solution to bring healing. This is what Shawn did for me by expertly “prescribing” the perfect vacation. AND – to sing his praises even more – he got us a better deal on a suite class cabin than what I could have found for a balcony!

My focus for over 10 years has been on NOTHING but running my business. Any attempts at a vacation were unsuccessful. I always ended up working. I was beyond burned out. A mental ward was looking like my perfect vacation. Finally, with perhaps just 1 or 2 brain cells left, I was turning it over to a new owner. My husband and I desperately needed the perfect vacation to help us transition into a normal life. Where do you even start?

I contacted Shawn at the end of December and wanted to travel the 2nd week of February. He “prescribed” a 14 night cruise that started in Hong Kong and ended in Singapore. I am a skeptic by nature. Shawn VERY patiently explained anything and everything as often as needed. Even when he was traveling overseas he made himself available. I am now a believer. I always thought that people could do their own research to find the best deals. NOT TRUE! The right travel agent can do better. I would 100% recommend Shawn and Nancy and can’t wait to book through them again!

Pic of me and my husband (haha – just kidding)”

Mark and Carrie

“Last year we were planning a cruise to the Mediterranean and the Dalmatian Coast when our daughter referred Shawn Power to us. We booked that trip on Azamara and Shawn got us a great deal and guided us through the process, including travel insurance. The first time I spoke on the phone with him, I knew this was the agent for us. While on board the ship, there was a discrepancy as to on-board credits and I emailed Shawn. He quickly replied that it was just a timing issue and that he had contacted the ship to clarify the situation. Sure enough, two days later, everything was properly accounted for. This year we booked a cruise to Bordeaux on AmaWaterways with him, and again he got us an excellent deal and gave us some great advice. Our flight to begin a pre-cruise extension was changed by the airline at the last minute, and we were to arrive very late at night causing us to miss the initial meeting with the cruise director. From the airport I emailed Shawn, and within 20 minutes he answered with the name of the cruise director and what time we needed to be ready for the next morning’s tour! Shawn is simply the best! We’re already planning next year’s trip.”

Raúl & Nidza Busó
Puerto Rico

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“Hello Shawn and Nancy,

Once again, your travel advice was right on regarding our recent Maritimes Tour with Tauck; eleven days in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island with tour director, Tom McCarron, and driver, George Green. They were professional with every detail planned for our enjoyment, caring…available and listening, and fun (see attached photo when we were at the Anne of Green Gables location).

We didn’t particularly plan this trip to coincide with Canada’s 150th birthday, but were glad to celebrate with them where it all began in P.E.I.

Thank you for promptly responding to all and any of our concerns, and making timely suggestions on aspects of the trip. It was truly one of our best adventures!”

Don and Sandra
Washington State

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“Thanks to Shawn and Nancy for another great cruise – this time a Panama Canal Crossing on Celebrity. I found Shawn through another website and have been taking advantage of his excellent service since then. I had used several very large agents before, and the delays in response time were particularly frustrating. Shawn has booked both ocean and river cruises for us. The first time I booked a river boat cruise. Shawn recommended a different line than I had been looking at because they had better prices for better rooms. He has been a great source of advice and information over the past 4 years since that first booking. And he has given great prices and perks on a number of cruises. I also like that he is not pushy or aggressive – too many agents these days are. We have 5 cruises on various cruise lines coming up over the next 18 months, all booked with Shawn’s agency.”

Marie & Bob Reeve

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“Shawn provided us much needed advice when it came to selecting our first river cruise for a milestone anniversary. No matter how many times we posed questions, he responded quickly with valuable answers about accommodations, included tours, and many other details that we wanted to dive deeply into in order to feel comfortable making the right choice. The videos of the stateroom categories he pointed us to were tremendously helpful. We felt at ease making our choice and enjoyed our travel experience thoroughly.”

Genie & Doug Bachert
Westford, MA

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“We have always planned our vacations on our own. Figuring if we took our time doing research online we would put together the best trip for our budget, time, & desired activities. That is until we decided we wanted to try out river cruises and discovered Shawn Power.

Having personally been on 60 cruises, Shawn knows the itineraries & ships of all the major ocean & river cruises. He has been able to match our travel objectives with the best deals available. His insights and deep knowledge of the industry has been super helpful.

Whether it’s advice about itineraries, cruise lines, best deals, staterooms, or excursions, Shawn knows it all. With 60 cruises under his belt, he’s probably “been there – done that” and loves to share his knowledge & insights via phone or email. His turnaround time to respond to questions is always short, even when he’s on vacation! Shawn’s responses are invariably helpful & accurate.

On a recent Mekong River cruise with AMA Waterways, Shawn was able get us a great deal AND a free upgrade to a suite for us. It made an amazing trip even more special.

When our vacation involves a river or ocean cruise, working with Shawn Power is a must for us.

Thank you for making our dreams come true, Shawn!”

Colleen & Don Baumtrog

“My husband and I were ‘anti-cruise travelers’ until we booked an Alaska cruise on Regent last summer as recommended by Shawn.

And surprise! We LOVED it – and just booked another Regent cruise for next spring. We have come to trust and appreciate
Shawn’s knowledge and experience in finding us just what we are looking for. Give Shawn and Nancy a call to plan your next cruising adventure.

We highly recommend them.”

Janet Simpson

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“We had a fabulous time on our France river wine cruise! We would never book a river cruise with anyone else. He is beyond patient with all our questions, and is extremely knowledgeable. Thank you Shawn for everything you do for us.”

Sheila & Scott Robertson

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“We’ve both traveled a lot in Europe, both for business and pleasure, both through travel agents and on our own. River cruises sounded like they might be very special. So should we try one?

Enter Shawn and Nancy. It was love at first phone call. Their knowledge of cruise lines and destinations is personal as well as professional. With their guidance, we booked a Fall Danube tour of Eastern Europe with AMA Waterways on their beautiful ship Sonata, starting in Bucharest and ending in Vienna.

Shawn offered great ideas, responded instantly to every question or issue, arranged and later re-arranged travel plans to suit our changing needs, and always made himself available before, during, and after our wonderful journey. We would recommend him in a second to anyone contemplating any form of cruising because he and Nancy are genuine cruise specialists.

Without question, they are the finest travel agents we have ever dealt with. Personable. Knowledgeable. Practical. Creative. Responsive. And nice! Just like personal friends. You won’t be sorry when you engage them.

Looking Forward to Our Next Power Trip!”

Jim & Jeanne Morey

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“Nancy & Shawn did such a good job guiding us through our first cruise that we’ve turned to them for several more since. They answers all our questions and give us great advice about how to make the most of the cruise. We got great deals and have recommended them to friends and family. They even helped me decide what to pack and what to leave at home!”

Betty Raum
Wilmington, Vermont

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“Smooth sailing with Shawn at the helm . . . After making our own booking with Regent, we decided that working through a travel consultant would be a real value added. We found Shawn online through Avoya Travel, and he was a perfect match for our needs. Shawn gave us remarkably rapid responses to all of our questions, calmed our nerves when we had concerns, and through various promotions significantly increased our shipboard credit and determined that we were eligible for a post-cruise bonus. When he and Nancy were going to be away, he provided names and numbers of his back-ups in various locations; so we never felt that we couldn’t get answers when we needed them. He was extremely knowledgeable about all things Regent but also checked with individuals within the company to confirm which we greatly appreciated. Shawn is personable, organized, and attends to every detail with care and good cheer. He is definitely the travel consultant that we will call in the future.”

Ellie Lynch & Patrick Harrison
San Diego

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“It was so great to meet you on our Azamara Cruise. Our good fortune! You are both so knowledgeable and well traveled. And so professional. Thank you…

… The Oceania cruise you recommended & booked for us was spectacular. The best cruise ever. The food was extraordinary. We actually got tired of all the lobster. Went to the buffet because some folks we met said we just had to try it. UNBELIEVABLE. The best ever. The four specialty restaurants, what can I say. WONDERFUL. The grand dining room, again, what can I say. WONDERFUL. The decor was bright and airy. It was a pleasure not to be hounded by photographers, not to have waiters marching around the dining room waving their napkins at the end of the cruise. The very first cruise where I actually liked the art work. The ship was beautiful in every way. Can’t wait to go again in January.

Had lunch today with some tennis friends and raved about the cruise and you and Shawn.”

Barbara & Ron
Morganville, NJ

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“Hi Shawn,

Just wanted to send a review about our two latest cruises.

Cruise on the Duoro in Portugal October 2018

This was our second cruise with Uniworld and again it was amazing. Everything went off again without a hitch. Thank you so much again.

We were delighted that we had the same cruise manager – Kirsten – on this cruise as on our first one on the Rhine.

We loved Portugal and thoroughly enjoyed the day in Salamanca in Spain.

Cruise on the Nile May 2019

This was definitely a bucket list trip for me and it exceeded all expectations. From being met as soon as we got off the plane by a Uniworld rep who walked us through and obtained our visas for us to being delivered back to our plane on departure by the same rep, the experience was all we could ask for.

We saw so much and thanks to our Egyptologist – Sameh- learned so much.

The first picture is sunrise over the Nile from a hot air balloon. The second is us outside the Sandeman winery near Porto.

Again Shawn we thank you and want you to know that we will refer you to anyone we know that wants to take a river cruise.
Your expertise and help make river cruise travelling so easy and so enjoyable.”

Peter and Heather
Williams Lake, B.C.

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“I found Shawn and Nancy’s website when researching Nile River cruise reviews. In addition, I came across Shawn’s name when researching ocean cruises. I could tell from reading their reviews, and then from speaking to Shawn by phone, that we were like-minded, when it came to travel styles and preferences.

I didn’t hesitate to ask Shawn to give me a quote on Uniworld’s Provence cruise. I was spending time at Disney’s food and wine festival when he sent me a Labor Day Special. The price was great, so I booked it while on vacation.

About 5 weeks before embarkation, Shawn called me urgently, and when he couldn’t reach me, sent me an email. Our cruise had been cancelled. We talked through the options that Uniworld provided him. Neither was a good fit for us, as we already had airfare booked, and our vacation time couldn’t be changed. Shawn quickly checked the Paris Normandy itinerary, and grabbed the final two cabins. Uniworld agreed to allow us to “jump ship,” so to speak. Shawn continued to work endlessly as time passed, getting us an upgraded cabin. When our docking location changed, he was quick to send an email to us, and confirm we received it. He checked on us while on the cruise, and again on our return.

In addition to this one completed cruise, Shawn has provided invaluable information regarding different cruise lines, times of year to travel to certain destinations, and has watched our booked cruises for fare drops, and taken care of getting us those lower rates.

Shawn and Nancy truly enjoy what they do, and clearly love sharing their love for travel with their clients.”

Robin & Marcus Warner
Union, KY

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“We had a wonderful trip! Starting with two nights in an overwater bungalow at the Tahiti Intercontinental. The overwater bungalow stay was a bucket list stay. As Shawn suggested, we went to the Polynesian show at the Intercontinental the night before we boarded the M/S Paul Gauguin. The next day, transfers to our ship went seamlessly. The rooms Shawn suggested had very nice balconies and as he predicted, away from noise. There is plenty of room for storage, a good size bathroom with a full tub. There are 3 restaurants on the ship, the main one for breakfast and lunch is the La Veranda. There is outside seating available. The theme changed daily, Italian, Asian, American, etc. For dinner, we went with Shawn’s suggestion of reservations the restaurant Le Grill on the evenings we were overnight in Bora Bora and Moorea. Le Grill has a great menu, alfresco dining on the deck. On Polynesian night they even had lobster on the menu. Some of our excursions were the 4×4 tour of Huahine where we went out to a Pearl farm. We went on “LeTruck” tour on Bora Bora and the Lagoon tour where we were able to snorkel with Sharks, Rays and tons of colorful fish. On Moorea, we went on the E-Bike tour to Belvedere. All of the tours were amazing! We took Shawn’s suggestion and went to a store for Tahitian Pearls on Moorea. Pai Moana on Moorea had a great selection and offered really great deals on their Pearls. We have worked with Shawn on 3 trips so far, his knowledge of tours have been indispensable. We have followed his recommendations and look forward to many more adventures.”

Robin Mendenhall

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“Just returned from our Uniworld River Cruise on the Douro River in Portugal with a pre-Cruise trip in Madrid, it was wonderful and surely the most beautiful scenery we have ever seen!

Shawn Power arranged our trip, as he has for our last 7 trips and 2 more upcoming. He is so thorough and makes sure every detail is covered. He even responds to emails while on vacation as he did recently while on a Safari in Africa (didn’t realize he was gone) and arranged a trip for us that had limited reservations left, in about half an hour. Now that’s what I call exemplary service!”

Judy & Alan Panish
Roseville, CA

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“Shawn & Nancy,

We just returned home from one of the most memorable vacations we ever experienced. The towns, locations and other activities that were chosen for river cruise was much more than we ever expected. I’ve been to Europe several times but we discovered places that I could never dream of. We could not be more satisfied with the Avalon crew and the guides that escorted us through our trip. One night a lock door was broken and delayed our arrival at the morning’s destination, but due to the expert handling of the situation by our cruise director and other crew members, the day was completely saved and we didn’t miss out on a single planned activity. We could not have asked for anything more on any trip.

We like to thank you for the prompt responses to our questions and concerns even when you were away on your own trip you always replied within a few hours. It has truly been a pleasure and we are looking forward to booking another trip with you in the future.

I have hundreds of photos from the trip but two that really impressed me was the Eiffel Tower at night and one from the American Cemetery in Luxemburg of General George Patton’s grave which I am attaching.

Thank you again for everything.”

Domenic & Edna Coia
West Warwick, RI

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“Hi Nancy,

I am finally getting around to writing you and Shawn this note to let you know just how much we and our friends loved the Windmills & Tulips Uniworld River Cruise.

The river boat was beautiful, our stateroom was comfortable and inviting, the food delectable and the ship’s staff couldn’t do enough for us to make sure every aspect of our vacation on and off the boat met or exceeded our expectations. Uniworld takes river cruising to a new standard of quality.

Working with Shawn to plan this special trip was a delight for us to experience his level of professionalism, efficiency and warmth.

Because of his broad knowledge and cruise experience he answered all of our questions and gave us practical insight to get the most enjoyment out of our cruise.

I have attached 3 photos/memories of our marvelous trip.

Warm regards,”

David & Eileen Kaufman

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“Shawn is such a pleasure to work with. He was our agent through Avoya Travel. He provided outstanding customer service with rapid response to my telephone calls, e-mails and any questions about our Italy Po River Cruise with Uniworld. He is extremely professional and it is evident that he is knowledgeable and highly experienced in cruise planning, which benefited us greatly. We appreciated his keeping us apprised of discounts and bonuses, and recommendations about the trip that would serve us well. He was highly attentive to all of our needs. Moreover, he and Nancy are organized, detail-oriented and provide excellent follow-through to their customers. Often, he would contact me, keeping me apprised of trip details and information, rather than my having to contact him. Everything went smoothly and we had a most pleasurable and memorable trip. We would definitely recommend Shawn and Nancy Power to anyone seeking outstanding travel consultants.”

Howard and Bonnie Carey

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“Our Castles on the Rhine river cruise was great. Shawn and Nancy did an exceptional job of arranging everything we asked for. They were quick to respond to our questions throughout the planning process and kept in contact with us before, during and after the cruise. We highly recommend them.

The cruise took us from Amsterdam, up the Rhine through Germany, ending near Basel, Switzerland. We saw many lovely sights including, of course, the castles.”

Gil and Bonita Reynaga

“We just returned from our river cruise on the Danube River with Avalon Waterways. Shawn arranged everything from transfers, insurance and the cruise. We had a wonderful time and loved the tours, great food and meeting people. We would recommend both Shawn and Avalon for their help and service.”

Don and Kim, Minnesota

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Connie and I would like to thank you for helping us plan our river cruise with Avalon from Amsterdam to Budapest. Everything went perfectly from our flights to our extra days in Amsterdam. The cruise was relaxing without being boring, we did a few extra excursions but the included excursions were wonderful. We would totally recommend the Night Lights of Budapest for anyone doing this cruise. The cruise director on the Avalon went out of his way to make this trip truly a wonderful experience. We met a lot of really wonderful people and made some new friends. We do have one complaint, we both gained some extra pounds as the food on the Avalon was top of the line. Thanks again Shawn we will definitely be using you for our next vacation.


David Wadsworth
Katy, TX

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Thank you for all of your help to make our trip so memorable. We appreciate the great job you did getting us the best price possible. When Uniworld canceled the initial cruise , you stepped up to the plate and got us even a better deal on a most memorable itinerary.

We also want to thank you for your communications. Whenever there was a any kind of change you made sure we were in the know. That is so important, especially when traveling out of the country. It was great hearing from you during the trip to make sure everything was going well.

Again, thanks for your help and support.”

Candy and Joe Dahrea
Rochester, NY

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“We just returned from our cruise which Shawn set up for my husband and I, along with 2 other couples. He was so helpful and professional throughout the process of booking until we left on our trip! I would highly recommend Calling Shawn for any cruise you are looking to take. He can answer any questions you may have and get you booked on your cruise voyage with great ease!”

Rick and Lori

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Dan and I just returned from the HAL 14-day Alaska cruise, and I want to give you a big THANKS (!) for recommending the balcony room for Alaska. You were right: there is a gorgeous view nearly all the time out our stateroom window. And I could watch Hubbard Glacier go by without competing with the chatter of 500 people out on the decks for a good view. The weather was sunny almost every day and our captain said that this was the best Alaska cruise, weather-wise, that he’s ever seen. (Unfortunately, this itinerary will change for next year, and the Amsterdam will be sent elsewhere.) Thanks for helping make this our best vacation ever!!!”

Linda Hodges

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“Thank you Shawn and Nancy for your patience and assistance in setting up our first Uniworld River Boat cruise starting in Basel, Switzerland, and continuing up the Rhine and Mosel Rivers for 13 nights to Luzembourg, to Cologne and ending in Amsterdam. The room you helped us select, Shawn, was an excellent choice. We had a wonderful time and met many pleasant and enjoyable people on the cruise, including Lucian and Bruno, the two crew members in the picture with us. There were many other crew members who went above the normal call of duty to make sure we had a wonderful time. The food and staff members were incredible on the cruise. Even while I had a cold, they went out of their way to help me feel better. We highly recommend you, Shawn Power of Powerventures Travel Services, Uniworld River Boat Cruises and the River Queen for anyone who would like to take a River Boat Cruise.”

Vance & Tiny Tillman
Langley, WA

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“Here we are on the Celebrity Constellation in Barcelona, relaxing on our balcony.We want to thank Shawn and Nancy for making our cruise an unforgettable experience.

We definitely recommend having Shawn and Nancy use their experience and expertise to book your next cruise. Shawn and Nancy have lots of cruise experience which makes booking with them a very pleasant and hassle free experience.

We have another cruise booked with Shawn and Nancy for Christmas and New Years In the Caribbean.

Thank you Shawn and Nancy for all your help in making our cruise experience memorable and smooth.”

Cindy and Rick Pater
Sparwood, B.C.

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“Ann and I cannot say enough good things about the way Shawn and Nancy Power took care of us before, during and even after our river cruise up the Danube. We were given every possible kind of information about the cruise beforehand, and every single one of our questions – no matter how frivolous – were answered promptly and with great good humor. We couldn’t have been better prepared for this wonderful trip. We even got an e-mail along the way asking how things were going and if we were having a good time! We had more than a good time – it was, indeed, the trip-of-a-lifetime and the Powers surely helped to make it so.

You asked for a photo – this is one of the Roman arches that led into their camp in Regensburg. This was one of our favorite tours along the way.”

Alice Marie Nelson and Ann Salwey

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“Our Rhine river and castle cruise was awesome! Shawn was very helpful in getting us a good rate on a great cruise-line. We really appreciate all that he did and especially knowing that he was available to help as we went along. We did reach out for him once while abroad and he was very prompt and helpful with his response. Thank you, Shawn, we look forward to using your service again in the future.”

Diane & Tom Schull
Goodyear, AZ

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“Uniworld took us off the beaten path in the wine country of Bordeaux to see barrels being made from French Oak at Saint-Denis-de-Pile. We loved that. Shawn booked a wonderful tour for us—in record time and at a great price. We were wowed by his expertise and by the river cruise. We got just what we wanted, and we’ll be calling for more.”

Linda Lee and David Griebel
Tucson AZ

“Cuban Cigar Factory…HAPPY people… An eye opening experience made possible by Nancy and Shawn. We have taken many cruises over the years but our cruise to Cuba was flawless. We even signed up for another cruise to Asia in 2019.”

Charlotte & Dan Mclaughlin

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“This was a first time cruise experience and I was fortunate to have a friend refer me to Shawn. I had already picked out the basic parameters, but Shawn made it all happen, didn’t try to get me to waste money on unnecessary upgrades, did set me up with good travel insurance, and otherwise facilitated the whole process. For a new cruiser, he was an extremely valuable resource, and I would recommend his help and would use his services again in the future, Thanks Shawn!”

Seattle, WA

“We had a great time on our Crystal Cruise and appreciated all the attention to detail that you two provided. Shawn was always available and eager to answer questions, and he made sure that all our credits were applied as promised. We would use your services again.”

Bob and Arita Sparks

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“Dear Shawn and Nancy,

Barbara and I have recently completed our second Silver Seas Cruise and are pleased to say that it was as excellent in every respect to our initial 2013 experience, thanks in no small part to the timely and professional services provided by your firm. Those services have included serious 24/7 emergency assistance I doubt would have been provided us by any other travel group

Having been extensive international travelers for decades, it is our opinion that the organizations efficiency of Silver Seas are to be applauded and the efficiency, friendliness of every staff members on both cruises have been truly remarkable.

We look forward to working with your firm for many years to come and we will be pleased to be a reference source for you at any time.


Dick and Barbara Reichter

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“Dear Shawn and Nancy,

I want to thank you for your expert advice in our vacation planning. I love to travel but I always procrastinate about doing the research and making the arrangements. When my friend referred me to you with a stellar recommendation, I figured it was worth a call. Within minutes of speaking with Shawn, I could tell he knew everything there was to know about cruising. He steered us to the cruise line that fit our schedule the best, offered us discounts and promotions I didn’t know existed and advised us on appropriate accommodations. I felt very comfortable contacting you with additional questions and you got back to me promptly despite the fact that you were away on your own vacation. We had a fabulous time and hope to plan another cruise with you in the future.


Debbie Feller
New York

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“Hello Nancy: Sorry it took so long to answer your e mail. we have had a crazy busy time since we came home. Our Azamara trip was OUTSTANDING. WE could not have had a better trip. The Azamara Quest, the fabulous staff, especially head maître D “Allan” were wonderful. It was a true delight working with you and Shawn in booking our cruise. You folks could not have been more professional in handling booking. Thank you very much. Attached is a picture of Pat and I taken on the cruise. Again thanks for being great travel agents.”

TOM and PAT OConnor

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“Dear Shawn,

The Oceania cruise in the Baltic with our family was a very successful celebration event and we appreciate your organization and guidance of our planning. This was the first time that we used an agent instead of working directly with the cruise company and we were most pleased with our choice. The discounts and incentives that you arranged were well appreciated and there were no difficulties with the cruise ship honouring them. So, a great thank you for your help. In particular we appreciated your responsiveness to our questions and your advice and suggestions. We will plan to use your services in the future as our travel plans evolve. By the way, this was our third cruise with Oceania and, as usual, they did a fabulous job. We highly recommend them and you!”

Joe Salah and family
La Jolla, CA

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“Our recent trip with AMA Waterways on the Danube was picture perfect thanks to Shawn Power who is an amazing travel agent. He can be counted on to find us the cruise we want and provide the options we seek to have the perfect cruise vacation. We are so lucky to have found Shawn Power. He and Nancy have personally travelled with all the major cruise lines and been on over 50 cruises. He knows from experience the ins and outs of both ocean and river cruises. He also listens to our wishes and knows what cruise will be the right fit for our preferences. There is no need for “trial & error”when there is Shawn Power. We don’t worry about a thing when we book a cruise with Shawn. From helping us understand the industry, to selecting the right cruise at the right time, to finding the perfect stateroom and more, Shawn Power does it all. He even gets back to me when he is traveling on a cruise himself, and is always timely and helpful.

We are grateful to Shawn for making our retirement dreams come true.”

Colleen & Don
St. Paul, MN

“On two separate occasions Nancy & Shawn have assisted my wife and I to book two marvelous cruises during the past 3 years for which we are very grateful for their expertise, patience, and concern that all the arrangements were what we wanted, c/w a couple of changes that needed to be made on our part.
– We also asked Nancy & Shawn to coordinate bookings with another couple and good friends of ours who were equally satisfied with and grateful for their attention to detail and value-added service.
– We wouldn’t hesitate to utilize Nancy & Shawn’s services again for our future holiday bookings.”

Barry & Louise Soper
North Vancouver, BC

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“Dear Nancy and Shawn,

We apologize for not writing sooner, but sometimes “life” gets in the way.

We had a wonderful trip to the Baltics, it was everything and more than what we expected. The weather was beautiful the whole cruise, the Oceania Marina was amazing, the staff all very friendly and helpful and the food was great beyond expectations. Our tours were really educational and enjoyable.

We want to thank you both for booking our Anniversary trip and also for the generous shipboard credit you have given us.

We can’t say enough about your personal and at the same time very professional manner you handled all the arrangements. Everything went like clockwork. Thank you for your suggestions about where to stay in Stockholm and in Copenhagen, they were very helpful.

We do hope to work with you on our future trips and wishing you continued success.


Howard and Ily
Menifee, CA

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“Hello Shawn and Nancy

As promised, I am sending you pictures of our trip. I just want to let you know that it was the best trip we ever had. We had good service with Avalon the first time we were there and we got even better service this time. Our anniversary was the best. And we made friends that made sure we had a cake to celebrate the occasion. The food was fantastic and the suite was everything we were expecting. I will stay in contact with you. I will maybe need you for a future trip.

Thank you again for all you did for us. It is very much appreciated.”

Jocelyne Watson
Cantley, QC, Canada

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“Both my wife and I first arranged a cruise with Nancy & Shawn a couple of years ago and it was certainly a pleasant experience. They are very knowledgeable in the cruise line business which helped us on our first cruise. Nancy & Shawn took the worry out of all those fine details associated with that type of vacation. Whenever we plan a cruise now, Nancy & Shawn are the first contact we make and we know it will be a pleasant and worry free trip.”

JoAnn & Ron LeDrew
Mount Pearl, NL

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“My family and I were ready to do a different vacation after a couple of trips to Disney. We had thought about cruising but the choices and questions were daunting. We didn’t want to pay too much and wanted to make sure our family felt comfortable. Choosing the right ship was really important. I have known Shawn since we were kids. Even though we haven’t seen each other in years, I knew through Facebook that he was in the travel business and thought he would be a great resource. I was absolutely right. Shawn took the time to go through the available options and his knowledge of the cruise lines and ships made it easy to pick the perfect vacation. There was no pressure to go any particular way, just tons of information and comparisons that made it really easy. Even the cabin location was spot on for our young family. He thought of it all! We will continue to work with Shawn on our vacation plans for years to come.”

Chris, Beth, Meagan and Natalie Mullins
Milwaukee, WI

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“Thank you Shawn and Nancy for help with our Disney cruise!

Because of your hard work we had 1) an ideal cabin on Deck 8, 2) the early dinner seating. This was the most memorable cruise ever. Our granddaughter had the perfect princess 5th birthday. And we finally got to see Frozen!

We are looking forward to our Panama Canal cruise in December. A double thanks for saving us a ton of money on this booking. We know the two of you have our back on anything travel.”


Rosemarie and John

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“I had decided to travel solo to France this summer. Shawn found me a great Uniworld cruise in the Bordeaux region. I just returned and had a wonderful time. The picture is the beautiful village of Saint-Émilion. I have worked with Shawn before and he really knows where the deals are and was able to get the single supplement waived and also a loyalty bonus since I have used Uniworld before. He is really responsive to questions and has great suggestions. I email him, and he has always emailed me back within literally minutes! I would not think of using anyone else for my future cruises.”

Drew Kovach, MD
Honolulu, HI

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“Australia 🇦🇺 & New Zealand 🇳🇿

Shawn helped arrange this 14 day cruise for us on Celebrity early on. This is the second of five cruises that Shawn has arranged for our family. He’s very efficient, returns communications quickly, and gives good advice. He helped us with ideas for solving some tour and medical problems. He was able to get us a room discount, package discount and and ship credit. Australia and New Zealand are breathtaking! There’s wonderful fjords/ sounds, mountains, and unique culture. The people were extremely friendly in both Australia and New Zealand. The tour started in Sydney and stopped in several ports in Australia, went to the sounds in southern New Zealand and then six ports on the east side of New Zealand. I would highly recommend this itinerary and experience. The travel time from the USA is long but once you’re there it is very well worth it.”

Don & Kim
Minnesota USA

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Just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with our Rhine River Cruise on the AmaSonata. The scenery along the Rhine was beautiful, the ship’s crew kept us pampered and well-fed, and the daily excursions were amazing! We were especially impressed with the variety of active options available in each port: lots of biking and hiking opportunities! Thank you for your part in making this such a memorable trip!

Here are a few pics of our journey. Thanks again!”

Bud & Carol Russell
Dover, DE

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“Shawn and Nancy Power were very helpful. We booked a Danube River cruise on Avalon through them with stays in Budapest and Prague. Shawn and Nancy kept us informed on our trip prior to us leaving and while on the ship, promptly answered a question we had. Would definitely recommend them!

Here is a picture of Budapest at night.”

Henry and Debby Sunkenberg
Bradenton, FL

“Nancy & Shawn were incredibly helpful when we were booking our trip. They responded immediately to all my questions and spoke at length to me on the phone even though we were on the other side of the country. 
They got us a great deal and the information they gave us was invaluable.
Our friends in Australia also used Nancy & Shawn to help coordinate our trip and spoke very highly of them. They use them still. Nancy & Shawn were very personal and took care of us as if we were friends.”

Ontario, Canada

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“A short while back my wife Laurette and I booked an Alaskan cruise through Shawn. This was actually our first cruise, and we really appreciated how helpful he was in getting us set up. We were a little late in booking, but he was able to find a marvelous balcony room that worked out perfectly for us. He even shared with us several of his experiences on the very ship we were taking. There was not a single element of the trip he helped us plan that did not materialize as he predicted. We really could not have done it without him. Thanks, Shawn! See you next time.”

Dale and Laurette Parker
Edmonds, Washington

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“Hello Shawn

We just came back from our vacation and had a great time!

We also enjoyed Oktoberfest and Prague to celebrate our retirement and 55 birthday,

Thanks again for you advice on board!!!

Have a great day!”

Lyse & Frank

“Hey Shawn,

Being back to work a week and as usual have been swamped with catching up everything. Kevin and I had an awesome time on the cruise. The islands are beautiful but our favorite was Kauai. We went to the Pearl Harbor memorial in Honolulu and toured the city while there. Our last day in Honolulu before coming home, we rented a car and drove to the other side of the island which was very enjoyable. Maui was good, we did the drive up to Hana which for me was very relaxing and saw some great scenery along the way. Hilo was fabulous….Kilauea was awesome. We got to visit the crater there and enjoyed the waterfalls and beaches. Went to the Lava Tubes and caves too. Kona was ok.

Now Kauai, this was my favorite. It is so beautiful and all. We really had a wonderful time just visiting places there. We took in the gardens and walks to the falls and all. If I ever do go back to Hawaii, this is the place I want to be. We did the Luau and loved, loved, loved it. The food and entertainment were great. So our trip to Hawaii was a lifetime reward.

We so enjoyed ourselves and we look forward to working with you again Shawn in our future cruises. You were great and were so very helpful with everything. I will be using you again. Thanks for making this cruise such a success. We are so grateful for all of your help and attention.

Thanks again,

Beverly & Kevin Buckels
Baton Rouge, LA

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“We have just returned from our 5th cruise that we booked with Shawn and once again he has not disappointed us. Shawn’s expertise in the cruising world and his “helpful tips” about the excursions is invaluable! We have departed from numerous different ports for each cruise and have had between 4 and 22 people each time, and Shawn has come through each and every time. Any questions that we had, all we had to do was ask and because of Shawn’s vast knowledge we’ve always had a stress-free cruise. Through Shawn we have gotten great deals, some wonderful upgrades and some awesome perks that I know we would not have gotten if we booked online or with another person. Talking with Shawn, it’s as though you’re talking to family. It’s that quality in him and the fact that he goes over and above to make sure everything is looked after and we get the absolute most from our cruise. There is no doubt be will be booking all future cruises with Shawn and have highly recommend Shawn to all of our friends and family.

Shawn, thank you for making our cruise vacations absolutely perfect and worry free! We will be talking soon regarding our next cruise!”

Brian and Anna
St. John’s, NL

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“Dear Shawn,

You outdid yourself again! My wife and I didn’t think you could surpass our cruise with Crystal last year, but our Regent experience this month, was “over the top”.

We were spoiled beyond our wildest expectations! The room, staff, food and excursions were all first class, and we have become “cruise fans”.

The best compliment for your world class service with us, is when making any cruise plans, my wife asks: Have you talked with Shawn yet?” Thank you for all your assistance.”

Rocky Saunders

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So sorry it has taken us so long to reply to your email. We absolutely loved the Danube cruise and would say it is one of the best holidays we have ever had. Thank you so much for all of your help in making this trip a reality. We will be calling you in future for all of our travel needs.

Again, thank you!”

Catherine and Ed Hatfield

“My name is Andrew Hahn. I live in the great State of Texas and I have had the pleasure of dealing with Shawn on the planning of two different cruises. The first was a land and cruise tour of Alaska that my wife and I took two years ago. We took in all the beauties of Alaska and the Klondike from both land and sea. We even got to fly up in a small plane and land on a glacier! We did a river cruise on a paddle boat and took a ride in a dog sled. The mountains were unbelievable and we saw mountain goats, bears, elk, moose, eagles, and many more wild animals in their own habitat. We are now looking forward to going on a Mediterranean Cruise beginning in Barcelona, Spain. We will visit Venice, Croatia, Naples, and Rome in Italy and Toulon, France. We are very excited about this cruise and look forward to the beautiful views and scenery. We chose to use Shawn and Nancy’s services because they are experienced world travelers and can tell you how to get the most out of any trip. I have found them to be helpful in making recommendations that allow for the best experience at the least cost. I would recommend their services to anyone wishing to make the most of their vacation experience.”

Andrew Hahn
Hewitt, Texas

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“We had a wonderful time and would highly recommend this cruise and your agency. Thanks for your help in making our trip special.”

Lisa Baynham
Metairie, LA

“We really enjoyed the cruise. There was so much to see in Rome. Pompeii was excellent. Ephesus was magnificent. It was very interesting to hear about Delos, one of the islands near Mykonos. The drive from Athens to Poseidon temple was really scenic.

Shawn really helped us in every way to make our trip by helping with Airlines, Hotels in Barcelona and shore excursions I think this is possibly the best option if you are interested in history.

We booked Alaska cruise through Shawn few years ago. He helped us to choose a better option then what were thinking. It was just like our recent cruise it was perfect!

We will contact Shawn first when we decide to take our next cruse.


Ajan & Uma

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“We booked our cruise to Alaska in June 2011 with Shawn Power and he did not disappoint us, we got everything we wanted and even more from him.

This was our very first cruise and being a little nervous about being sea sick we asked if we could have a room in the middle of the ship. Shawn got us a room two doors down from the middle, he could of booked us in the middle but explained to us that the elevator could be a little noisy and it would be best to be just down from that. We got a room with a
large window and enjoyed our stay without any seasickness. Bonus the elevator brought us within a few feet of the buffet. We have lots wonderful memories of Terry’s 60th birthday cruise. Terry spent his 60th birthday in glacier bay watching icebergs calf, and because Shawn knew it was his birthday we enjoyed cake at dinner that evening. Shawn helped us book all of our side trips. Our helicopter trip got changed to a different time, they called Shawn and he got a message to us on board and helped us deal with this problem. The helicopter to the glacier was breath taking we will always remember it, thank you Shawn for helping us through all our side trips. It was nice and stress-free to have all the side trips booked a head of time, Shawn got us the best deals. We could of booked them ourselves but we did not know how and it put stress on us to try and do things thought the internet, Shawn helped us with all our booking and answered all our questions (we had a lot of them). Check out their 10 steps to a happy trip. Shawn and Nancy know what they are doing and do it in a knowledgeable, friendly and happy manner.”

Terry and Sally Ann Ratcliffe
Surrey, BC, Canada

“Hi Shawn, just want to let you know what a great time my sister and brother in law and i had on our Alaskan cruise. thank you so much for all your help, and we will be sure to get in touch with you again when we decide to cruise again.”

Lorraine Mudryk
Edmonton, AB

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“This photo of my husband and me was taken on the Alaska cruise which we booked with Shawn Power. What a fabulous time! Shawn was even able to arrange an extra shore excursion on the White Pass Railroad for our group.

We have booked several cruises with Shawn and have found him to be extremely knowledgeable, easy to talk to and very professional. Everything was always in order and we appreciated his good advice.”

Happy sailing!

Susan Mott
New Brunswick, Canada

“Hi Shawn,

I just wanted to touch base to thank you for all of your help as we went on our first cruise. Your advice was awesome – from the information selecting the right ship to meet our desires, to the ports that we wouldn’t want to miss, to the little things like packing tips. We were both thrilled with the room we had – and you had specifically recommended that location on the ship to avoid noise – it was absolutely perfect. We had some jitters before leaving and your consistent communication helped us prepare nicely. A special treat was the additional credit you secured for us just before we sailed – a great surprise considering everything had been paid for and you didn’t need to do anything else.

We had the trip of a lifetime and you played a huge role in helping us make the right decisions so it all worked out beautifully. We will definitely cruise again in the future and you can be assured we will be calling you when that time comes! Thanks again for everything!”

Dan & Karen Kositzke
Pleasant Prairie, WI

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“I was so impressed with the service I received from Shawn in booking our Alaska trip last year. From beginning to end he made me feel very comfortable in the process. After dealing with Shawn, I feel I have a travel agent and friend for life.”

Bob and Sandra Bowman
Santa Rosa, California

“My wife and I decided on our first cruise some time ago and found no Travel agency or resource travel individual here in Trinidad who could answer our many questions (and fears).

So, one Sunday I went on line and e-mailed everyone I sourced that suited our needs.

Shawn, you promptly telephoned me and by our conversation alone I instantly realized that you were very knowledgeable in cruises and very friendly, and enthusiastic about what you did and loved so much. You took the time to answer my very many questions even though you were not assured of my business.

So skeptical I was that we came over to Vancouver to meet with you before going for the proverbial “plunge in”… and we are delighted to have done business with you as not only did we get great deals but your personal touch made us feel very special.

I will never forget the Bottle of chilled Dom Perignon that greeted us in our cabin when we boarded for that first and most memorable cruise which was the beginning of several other trips.

Since then we have referred many of our friends to you and will continue to do so.

Thanks Shawn. Keep up the good work !

Sincerely appreciated

Thank you!”

Dr. L. R. Sawh

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“We found Shawn’s experience and knowledge of cruising and the various cruise liners extremely helpful and enabled us to make quick judicious decisions in selecting the right cruise for our family vacation and received good value for our money”.

Altaf & Muba Tapia
Ontario, Canada

“Shawn was the biggest blessing when planning our cruise. I reached out to Shawn for our 5th anniversary cruise to Alaska. He was so helpful on selecting the right cruise for us that fit our budget and allowed us to get maximum exposure on our limited time. He was very knowledgeable and up front on what to expect. Our cruise was everything we hoped it would be. We had great excursions, suggested to us by Shawn. We choose Princess cruise lines over Holland due to Shawn’s recommendation of age groups on the ships. We were able to get a room with a balcony for the same price the internet was pricing for a standard inside room. We received special treats on our cruise for our anniversary and my birthday. Anytime I cruise I will check with Shawn before deciding on what, when and where to go.”

Thank you,

Miriam Rohe
Fenton, MO

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“We have heard so much about the Disney Cruise and have never had the chance to participate in one!. We are glad we booked our first cruise with Shawn instead of directly with Disney’s. Shawn is definitely very Knowledgable about the Cruise and had given us a run down of what to anticipate when we are on the cruise. The best part of booking with Shawn is that we get a Stateroom with a private Verandah which I absolutely loving it. We wake up every morning and was greeted with the most fantastic view of the ocean and the Grand Cayman island. It was just breathtaking. I doubted one can get such an accommodation if you were to book online or with other agency. Also, Shawn’s website keep us up to date with the latest deal and speaking about deal – both my husband and I saved quite a bit booking with Shawn. As a matter of fact, I had referred two families to Shawn and hope they, too, will be just as satisfy as we did. On and all, we had fun and loads of pleasant memories on the ship. Our kids love the oceaneer lab/club and meeting up with the Disneys’ characters. Will definitely book our next trip with Shawn again! Thanks Shawn for making our First ever cruise a memorable one and hope all the best to you and Nancy.”

Jo, Venesia, Aaron, and Allana Lu (Feb. 2013)
Alberta, Canada

“Shawn helped me plan the trip of a life time last year. I always wanted to see the Arctic Ocean with the ice breaking up and the polar bears. He made this marvelous trip happen that is no longer available because of security issues. We traveled for 30 days grand total before flying to Anchorage going to the outdoor museum where each of the five Native American tribes located in Alaska were represented. Each had a replica of the home and way of life. We met an elderly reindeer herder who sold us a seal skin cap that she made. We saw the houses of the people living in Barrow and heard the native languages. Then it was off to the wilderness to see polar bears, musk ox, caribou herds, snowy owls, wolves trying to kill a moose, fox, sheep, Denali in all her majesty, and finally got to capture a humpback whale flying out of the water. Our pictures are spectacular and the adventure was a rare treat. None of this trip would have been possible without Shawn. I had tried to plan this trip for over 5 years, no success until I contacted Shawn via the website. If you want the best that no one else can deliver, put your trust in Shawn. He has the vision and imagination to make your dreams come true and exceeding your expectations. The surprises that wait you will live forever.”

Rita Aichlmayr

*Click/Tap Image to expand

“I want to thank you both for the most wonderful trip we have ever had. I cannot tell you how satisfied we are. The Princess line in Alaska is the most organized tour we have ever been on. It runs like clockwork. The accommodations were always great, the excursions were well planned and we enjoyed all the bus drivers and guides. From Fairbanks to Vancouver there was not a hitch. We upgraded cheaply to first class on the plane home and it was nice and roomy. The Sapphire was beautiful. The dinning hour of 8:00 was fine and the food delicious. We loved our waiter, Nat. Our steward took great care of all of our needs. WE saw lots of wildlife which we loved.

Again, thank you Shawn, especially, for booking us on the Princess tour. You were right about everything.”

Nita and Blake Wilson
Big Stone Gap, VA

“On behalf of our group, thank you for recommending this incredible cruise! This was the second experience on NCL and they do not disappoint. We were all jealous of those who stayed in penthouse suite! It was a great room. Although the rest of us were very happy with our cabins too!

The Baltic Sea Cruise was fascinating, beautiful, awe inspiring! Our only regret was that we didn’t go to Berlin. In Russia we booked a 2-day tour with Red October Tours and had a fantastic experience. In every other port we used the Hop on Hop Off bus or boat service which worked very well.

However, this incredible trip was possible Shawn because of your help! As with our Alaska cruise, your guidance and recommendations were perfect. Your extremely prompt service and response to our requests and questions were very much appreciated and made our travel planning flawless. You made sure we knew everything we needed to know and do. And you pointed us in the right direction when we had questions outside of your area of expertise!

When we decide on our next cruise…you’ll be the first we call!

Thank you!”

Bill, Mary, Dan, Danielle, Bob, Claudia, Bobby, Dena, Tyler, Bill, and Eric
Chantilly, VA

“As always you provided us with exceptional assistance in arranging our cruise! You introduced us to Amawaterways who we had never heard of and you gave us assurance that our choice of Oceania was a good one. You were brilliant on both accounts! It’s helpful to have your reminders that you are faithful to provide – it keeps us on track. The prompt replies you give us when we have questions is awesome! We are grateful for your expertise and your experience – we get lots of great ideas from your reports from the trips that you take.”

Carol Tisdale

*Click/Tap Image to expand

“I really like working with Nancy & Shawn because they provide not only extensive domain expertise in travel cruises, they were also exceptionally responsive to any inquiries or needs that I had.”

Terri & Allen Johnson
North Carolina

“Shawn, we definitely enjoyed our cruise and were quite happy to work with you in making this experience a very worthwhile one. Your attention to detail and ability to make us feel that we are your only clients certainly makes us want to work with you again in the future.”

Bea Sainz

*Click/Tap Image to expand

“Shawn, sorry it took so long to respond to your email, but things got very busy when we got home. My daughter had a baby among other things.

We had a great trip, it was a vacation of a life time. We have no complaints, everything exceeded our expectations. Thank you for all your help which made the trip perfect. Attached is a picture of Mary and I outside the Colosseum. I have 600 more pictures.

Thanks for all your support!”

Rich and Mary Nesselt

“Hi Shawn,

Mike and I returned a few days ago from our month in Europe which included a week on the Azamara Quest. Cruises have never been our preferred mode of travel but that one fulfilled our expectations. We selected it for the itinerary through the Adriatic with stops in Croatia, Albania and Ravenna. The staff was outstanding including a very personable captain and cruise director. Being with our friends, Sheila and Danny Rogers, made it really enjoyable but it was also a nice mix of passengers. It was a first class operation. The fact that everything is included made the week literally hassle free. We enjoyed that shipboard credit that you acquired for us for a couple meals in the nice restaurants, however, the food in the main dining rooms was also outstanding and very healthy. I’m gluten intolerant and they did a great job accommodating that dietary restriction. The women loved the self-laundry room!!

We want to thank you for your help in putting it altogether. Since it was our first cruise, your expertise was most beneficial. Your advice and guidance regarding the cabin location and on shore excursions were excellent. We loved our room location as it was close to everything and no one got seasick. We participated in only the Albania shore excursion because it would have been impossible to see anything without that link. All the other stops we enjoyed independently. The Choice Air booking for Delta worked without any problems.

Thanks again for your help.


Linda Carpenter
Bainbridge Island

*Click/Tap Image to expand

“Your diligence and concern during the whole cruise was very reassuring and deeply appreciated! You were always helping us, incredibly responsive and went above and beyond the call of duty! 🙂

We will be sure to use your services again in the future!


Miriam Brestin & Nancy J Chern
Washington DC

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“I have never worked with a travel agency before when booking a river cruise and I wasn’t sure what the advantage was. But working with Avoya for our Avalon cruise through France made everything sooooo much easier. All the details that I always have trouble figuring out — insurance, transfers, gratuities, special offers — were all taken care of. For me, this saved tons of time and a lot of worry. I will definitely go through Avoya again. Shawn was always there to answer my questions and take care of any worries I had.

Thanks so much.”

Sheila and Randy
Oceanside, CA

“Shawn, we had a wonderful vacation! Already looking forward to the next one coming up in May. We want to thank you for your services. Great information and recommendations, with no unpleasant surprises. The only minor hiccup, which wasn’t your fault, you resolved promptly. Last but not least, the on board credits were a tremendous added value!

Thanks again!”

Raul & Nidza

“Dear Shawn,

The trip European Jewels with Uniworld was fantastic. Everything worked according to plans. Thanks to you and Nancy for securing the trip for us,and advising us on our travel arrangements. We look forward to working with you again.”

Don and Gail Ziemba

*Click/Tap Image to expand

“I had never been on a cruise before. Shawn was recommended to me by a friend. Shawn walked me through the process, looked after the details and gave excellent, practical advice. I was able to enjoy a wonderful adventure with my extended family confident in all the arrangements. Thanks Shawn!”

Mary Puddington
Quebec, Canada

“Our Alaska trip was flawless due to Shawn’s expertise and guidance. His insight and knowledge helped educate us on selecting a perfect land tour & cruise. He is extremely friendly to work with and provided us with a number of different cruise options without pressuring us into making a cruise choice. Once our land/cruise decision was made, Shawn obtained a free cabin upgrade and other free ship services.

We will definitely work with Shawn again.”

Linda W.
Livingston, NJ

“3 years ago we had booked a cruise to Alaska. The cruise was fast approaching when my grandson wanted to go. I called Shawn, he told me the ship was full. Shawn called everyone he could at the Cruiseline to see if we could get the grandson on. Two or three days before departure Shawn called to tell me he was able to get the grandson on. The price was good. We had a wonderful trip. The young grandson still talks about his cruise with Grama. Thank you Shawn.”

Bertha Uren
Langley, BC

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“Wonderful cruise from Dubai to Singapore with our son and daughter in law.
Per usual, Shawn was a huge help and Seabourn delivered.”

Kim and Bruce Kerr
New Hampshire