Cruise Destinations Around The World

12 Unique Cruise Itineraries!

If you’re like us & you’ve taken Cruises for some of your previous Vacations, you’ve probably experienced (or at least heard about) some of the most popular Cruises out there…

Cruise Destinations Around The World– 7 Night Caribbean Cruises from Florida

– 7 Night Alaska Cruises from Vancouver or Seattle

-7 Night Mexico Cruises from LA

-14 Night Panama Canal Cruises between Florida & California

-12 Night Barcelona to Venice “Grand Mediterranean” Cruises

-7 Night Hawaii Cruises from Honolulu

-etc., etc.

Basically, there’s certain Cruises like above that are super popular and are particularly attractive to 1st time Cruisers as they go to some really fun spots… and we’re sure they’ll be around for a very long time.

But quite often we get asked by Veteran Cruisers, who’ve done all the mainstream ones, what are some unique itineraries they can enjoy that you don’t see highlighted all over the internet?

Well today, we want to highlight some of those really “off the beaten path” sailings… so check out our below list of “12 Unique Cruise Itineraries”.

And if you see one you really love and are considering taking it, contact Shawn right away so he can see what promos may be available for your sailing as it’s “Wave” season in the Cruise industry right now which means lots of deals. 🙂

Enjoy checking these sailings out!

1. For Christmas 2010 and Christmas & New Years 2011 we Cruised to enjoy the Holidays… and it was awesome to sail during that festive time of year!  Well, if Holiday Cruising is of interest to you check out this 30 Night Sailing with Oceania that goes from Dubai to Cape Town, South Africa starting December 8th, 2013.

2. Ever dreamt of spending some time in Africa?  If so, there’s no better way to do it then combining some time on land at the major cities and on Safaris with a sailing on the “Chobe” River… on an ultra-luxurious River Cruise Boat that fits just 24 guests… and has 22 crew members onboard to take care of you! 🙂  Check out these Africa River Cruise options with AMA Waterways!

3. Antartica… doesn’t Cruising to the most remote place on Earth simply sound like an amazing thing to do! Here’s Silversea’s Antarctica options… they’re true experts in the region!

Blue-footed Booby birds on the Galapagos Islands
Blue-footed Booby birds on the Galapagos Islands

4. Speaking of remote places, the Galapagos Islands are so remote that creatures live there that are found nowhere else on Earth. Here’s info on Celebrity Cruises’ Galapagos program that they’ve been operating for many years now where year after year our guests have been coming home raving about what an amazing Cruise it was!


5. Not only is this destination remote but it’s also pretty much the most Beautiful & pristine location on earth… and it’s only “2 cocktails and a movie” past Hawaii… that’s right, Cruising in Tahiti is not as far away as you may think. By far, Paul Gauguin Cruises is the leader when it comes to Tahiti Cruises… you can learn more here.

6. Have you ever imagined Cruising the famous “Nile” River in Egypt and experiencing what it was like to live like a Pharaoh back in the day?  How about visiting the famous Egyptian Pyramids and Temples of Abu Simbel? If they’re on your list, then an Egyptian River Cruise with Uniworld River Cruises may interest you!

7. Check out this 15 Night Crystal Cruise sailing in Norway… definitely not your everyday Cruise itinerary! 🙂

8. If a Cruise to Asia intrigues you, then this 19 Night Dubai to Singapore sailing on December 3rd, 2013 on ultra-all-inclusive Regent Cruiseline (airfare, pre-hotel, drinks, tips, shore excursions are all included) may be right up your alley… especially as some of this sailing’s highlights are stops in Bombay, India and Myanmar… AKA: Burma!

9. Speaking of Asia, one of the hottest markets in the River Cruise industry right now is sailings on the Mekong River with time on land in Vietnam & Cambodia included for an amazing 15 night vacation. Here’s AMA Waterways Mekong River option… they have the best ships by far in the region and include famous “Ha Long Bay” in their itinerary!

The Black Sea10. When many people think of a Cruise in Europe, they think of either a Mediterranean Cruise or a Baltic Sea Cruise to Russia… now we’ve done both of those and they’re pretty awesome but if you want a unique Cruise in Europe, consider the “Black Sea”… just as beautiful & historic as other parts of Europe, but without the huge crowds, it’s the perfect mix!  Here’s an option with Azamara Club Cruises.

11. Earlier we mentioned the Panama Canal as one of the popular Cruises that many people have enjoyed… do u know why they built the Canal though?  It was to avoid the dreaded sailings around famous “Cape Horn” at the bottom of South America that sailors had to take before the Canal was built.  Well now, you can sail around “Cape Horn” yourself… during only safe weather of course :-)… and visit South American countries like Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.  Here’s an option with Princess during the holidays.

Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic Cruise12. And finally, if you’ve simply visited every Cruise destination in the world and have no desire to ever visit another port then take a Cruise that skips them all! 🙂  How so u ask?  Simple, take a Trans-Atlantic Cruise on Cunard’s famous “Queen Mary 2” Ocean Liner.  Here’s where to learn all about that option.


So which itinerary intrigued you the most?

Whichever it was, we truly hope you get to experience it for real… as well as many more great Cruises down the road!

We appreciate you.

Nancy & Shawn
Your Trusted Cruise Experts!

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