lost and need help picking an alaska cruise

Highlights Of Things To See And Do In Alaska

Alaska cruising to Hubbard Glacier


And here we are in…
lost and need help picking an alaska cruise


Recently we enjoyed our 5th Cruise and 6th visit to Alaska. (You can see our Picture & Video Gallery of our most recent sailing to Alaska here)

Yes, as we live in Vancouver one of the reasons we keep going back is it’s easy access (think Caribbean Cruises for Floridians) but we also keep going back to Alaska as the people are Super friendly, it’s BEAUTIFUL, UNIQUE and there’s LOTS to see & do!!

Below we have compiled the best highlights of Alaska to take part in but first…


Here’s some INSIDER INFORMATION for those of you considering a Cruise to Alaska:

BY FAR, the highest rated trips that take place in Alaska are “Cruise Tours”… that’s where you do a Cruise (usually 7 nights between Vancouver & the Anchorage area) plus some time on land (ideally 6-7 days on Land) in the “Heart” of Alaska visiting places like Fairbanks, Denali, Mount McKinley, etc. as we did during this visit to Alaska: https://gallery.shawnpower.com/CruiseVacations/Princess-Alaska-Cruise-Tour/

Another option is you can simply do a Cruise with NO time on land but keep in mind when you do that, you’re only seeing about 5% of the State in South East Alaska so the longer you can go for the more “Authentic” of an Alaskan experience you’ll have!


(Here is Shawn enjoying the fresh Alaskan air, Glacial Ice and Turquoise Green/Blue ocean)


If you only want to do a Cruise usually it’s best to simply do a “round-trip” Cruise from Vancouver or Seattle which makes booking your airfare easy and cost effective…

…whereas the one way Cruises between Vancouver & the Anchorage area (the ships park 1.5-3 hours away from Anchorage airport) add extra expenses and logistics to worry about and are best only booked if you’re adding a land/”Cruise Tour” component.

FYI, there are literally over 100 “Cruise Tour” options between all the different lines so it can be very confusing trying to figure out which is best for you and, you can trust us when we say, all the Cruise Tours the lines offer are NOT created equally so make sure to talk with an expert like Shawn to figure out the best “Cruise Tour” option for you.

Over the years, Shawn has sold around 10 million dollars worth of Alaska Cruises & Cruise Tours so he knows them extremely well & our clients pretty much do 1 of 2 Cruise Tour options as Shawn knows which of them are “the cream of the crop” and include the most important tours & sites, they do the right tour into Denali Park, include the most meals, etc.


Another point we want to make before moving on is that Alaska is the ONE place where you REALLY want to have a Balcony Stateroom!!

Now if you’ve spoken to us in the past you know we are “never” ones to push people beyond what they can comfortably afford. In fact, we tell our clients to stay within their comfort zone when paying for a cruise but in Alaska it truly is a must to get a Balcony Stateroom unless you truly cannot afford it.

The reason being is because Alaska is one of the most Scenic parts of the world and if you can see an Orca or Humpback Whale breach the water or watch and hear the thunderous roars as building size glacial ice breaks and falls into the water from the privacy of your balcony instead of trying to get your camera high enough over the 100’s of other heads on the top deck who are also flighting for a spot too, you will have a WAY better experience… you don’t want to be frustrated & miss these events as they truly are priceless.

Below are some of the Glaciers we have seen from our private Balcony… not to mention the other areas you will get to witness as the ship glides through the “Lynn Canal” in Skagway, though the “Tongas Narrows” in Ketchikan, through the “Inside Passage” etc. 🙂



Alright, after all this talk about Alaska Cruises & Cruise Tours you may be wondering why you would want to go to Alaska in the first place… what is there to see & do up there?

After all of our visits to Alaska…


Here’s our list of some of the HIGHLIGHTS of Things to See & Do in Alaska:


1. Seeing the Bears feeding on Salmon by taking a floatplane into “Neet’s Bay” (from Ketchikan) or somewhere similar: https://gallery.shawnpower.com/CruiseVacations/Alaska-Hubbard-Glacier/i-Rv5JC9q (Keep in mind, this AMAZING activity only takes place during certain times of the year so if it’s something you plan to do mention to Shawn when booking so you don’t go the wrong time of year!)


2. Taking the “White Pass Rail” Train Ride in Skagway: https://gallery.shawnpower.com/CruiseVacations/Alaska-Hubbard-Glacier-Regent/i-7kWZGGx


3. Seeing Wildlife in Denali National Park: https://gallery.shawnpower.com/CruiseVacations/Princess-Alaska-Cruise-Tour/i-MdFjHzr


4. Whale Watching in Juneau: https://gallery.shawnpower.com/CruiseVacations/Alaska-Hubbard-Glacier/i-XzVLt66


5. Taking a River Boat ride in Fairbanks & visiting a “Native” Village to learn how to live off of the land: https://gallery.shawnpower.com/CruiseVacations/Princess-Alaska-Cruise-Tour/i-v7sbq96


6. A visit to “Creek Street” in Ketchikan: https://gallery.shawnpower.com/CruiseVacations/Princess-Alaska-Cruise-Tour/i-xLJNhtk


7. Land on Mt. McKinley: https://gallery.shawnpower.com/CruiseVacations/Princess-Alaska-Cruise-Tour/i-Nn3cQxQ


8. Enjoy views of Mt McKinley from your serene lodge: https://gallery.shawnpower.com/CruiseVacations/Princess-Alaska-Cruise-Tour/i-dTxNj38


9. Eat Alaskan King Crab: https://gallery.shawnpower.com/CruiseVacations/Princess-Alaska-Cruise-Tour/i-XPjm42x


10. Pan for Gold: https://gallery.shawnpower.com/CruiseVacations/Princess-Alaska-Cruise-Tour/i-DFbCcMK


(July, 2022 addition) 11. Take in a “Lumberjack Show”… I avoided this for many years thinking it’d be corny, but, as I talk about in the caption under this picture, it ended up being Very entertaining!! 🙂 


12. Not that it’s in Alaska, but you can take a “Rocky Mountaineer” Train Ride from Vancouver which is the perfect add-on to your Alaska Cruise Vacation: https://www.shawnpower.com/rocky-mountaineer-train-alaska-cruise/


These are literally just a FEW of the Unique things you can see & do in Alaska… there’s also kayaking, zip-lining, Salmon bakes, dog-sledding, biking, hiking, lumber-jack shows, helicopter rides, glacier walks, etc, etc., etc.

There’s something for EVERYONE in Alaska and don’t think this is just like the rest of the USA, because that’s the beauty of it- it ain’t!! 🙂

Want more information? Now, you know we wouldn’t leave you high and dry, don’t you?  LOL

Visit our photo and video gallery to check out our 6 trips to Alaska to get ideas for your next trip there!

AND if you haven’t been to Alaska yet best to contact Shawn ASAP to get your Cruise or Cruise Tour booked as we’re very confident this is for sure a “trip of a lifetime” that you’re going to absolutely love!! 🙂

Until next time and as always…

We Appreciate you!

Nancy & Shawn
Your Trusted Cruise Experts!

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