Avalon Waterways Advantages Over Other River Cruise Lines

As Avalon Waterways is just one of a few major River Cruise-lines (I sell them all, have personally Cruised on most of them including 3 times on Avalon & know them all well) you’re probably wondering why would you want to Cruise with them over someone else?

Well, I’ve put together a few videos to help you see why they’re a great choice. Check them out:

1. Rooms. Always a big topic in the River Cruise industry as someone is always coming out with “what they say” is the latest & greatest style of room.  The latest trend is outside balconies on “Longships”. BUT, did you know that all the latest ships are identical in size (they have to be to fit through the locks), none longer then the other, so when someone is showing off that their ship has an outside balcony room, all that means is you’re losing super valuable space inside your room… watch this video https://youtu.be/R80GgIJi8fg to see how Avalon has very cleverly given you the outside balcony “feel” without losing any space inside… and they have some of the best designed bathrooms in the River Cruise industry which you’ll see in the above video too! (After watching that video above you can also check out our personal videos too from when we stayed in these rooms: Nancy & Shawn’s Panorama Suite Video… and here’s another video of our’s from a Cruise with Avalon a year later)

2. Choices. Many of the River Cruise companies give you little choice when on a River Cruise Vacation. They have dinner in the same restaurant every night, offer all guests only one type of shore excursion each day and have virtually nothing onboard to do. With Avalon they offer 4 different types of excursions, 3 dining venues and they bring onboard local chefs, artisans & entertainers… check out the many CHOICES video here https://youtu.be/gveyb0bVgYU that shows you what Avalon offers during YOUR River Cruise Vacation.

3. K, so those were some good info videos that show why Avalon has some distinct advantages of it’s competitors.  Now for a fun video. This video https://youtu.be/-RW_8VXmJIA is definitely one of the best videos Nancy & I have ever seen on why River Cruising is such a great way to travel. Watch it now and then feel free to call me with questions or to book your River Cruise… so you’ll be able to answer, “Why yes, I have!” when someone asks you, “Have you ever?” 🙂


So there you have it, some distinct advantages & great inspiration to get your Avalon River cruise booked today.

Call me at 1-800-219-7477 and I’ll help you get your Dream River Cruise Vacation turned into a Reality!

I appreciate you!!

Shawn Power