Azamara Quest small ship

Azamara Club Cruises… One Of The Best Values In Small Ship Cruising!

Azamara Quest small ship
“Azamara Quest” tendering just outside of CocoCay, Bahamas

Azamara Club Cruises- A Great Vacation Value!

We were looking forward to getting onboard the above Azamara Club Cruises ship as it was 4 years since our last cruise with this line and many exciting changes and additions have been made since we 1st sailed with them.

Azamara Club Cruises is in our opinion one of the very best VALUE and Destination Immersion Cruises which made us eager to try the experience onboard again to keep you, our clients- in the know. Lucky for us “someone’s” gotta do it- get onboard and get pampered! 🙂

As you may already know, Azamara’s 2 ship fleet has only 690 guests per ship which makes for an intimate and more relaxed cruise then the larger ships and in our opinion, it also allows guests to be MORE spoiled & attended too… which is a must in our eyes for our clients. There are No line ups at embarkation and because Azamara Club Cruises ships are smaller they can go to more, unique, ports then bigger ships which gives the added benefit of less-travelers on port days, meaning a better experience on land.

Azamara Club Cruises Quest Atrium
Here is the elegant staircase in the atrium onboard the Azamara Quest… she’s more stunning in person though so get onboard to see her 1st hand! 🙂

Stepping onboard Azamara Quest, a welcome smile & glass of champagne set the stage for a prefect beginning. Right away, you could feel the ship’s classical boutique style with plush carpets under your feet and charming staircase railings that catch your attention. Her petite-ness makes her easy to navigate your way around and less walking distance to reach all the different events and activities onboard…. a nice Bonus!

AND with her classical style it was nice to notice that the staff kept with tradition at being “exceptional” (and we mean exceptional!) hosts. We can’t say enough about them. All the staff took the time to introduce themselves, get to know us by name and treat us like a part of the family which they had clearly cultivated… after 36 cruises- what a rarity! From Captain Jose to the Hotel Director Ryszard, to the Head Engineer and so on, we got to know them all, including (check out this pose below)…

Looking glass onboard Azamara club cruises
“The Boys” in the Looking Glass who, always with a smile, served us at night while we enjoyed some delicious beverages & dancing… what a great bunch!! 🙂

Our very own Captain Jose was so personable, funny and he loved to walk about the ship talking with guests and participating in events onboard… typically, you barely see your Captain, isn’t that true? But look below…

Captain Jose Vilarinho of Azamara Club Cruises Quest Ship
There’s Captain Jose Vilarinho serving up some goodies at the “Senior Officers Deck Buffet”

Straight away when we got onboard we went to the buffet lunch, but NOT your typical buffet. The soft music, the decor and cloth linen tables were set with quality glass ware that made it a relaxing experience while tasting a delicious lunch. But another option for all 3 meals is the back deck at the buffet where you can enjoy the amazing view & watch the ocean waves. Check this out, it was one of our favorite places to eat…

Azamara Club Cruises Quest
This picture really needs no words, does it? Ahhh!

That evening and every after had fabulous entertainment shows at night, not to mention some surprises only Azamara Club Cruises could pull off during the sea & port days… For example, Russ our wonderful Cruise Director & Hotel Director Ryszard handed out ice cream to guests from an authentic Ice cream truck at the beach one afternoon on a port day- we don’t know who had more fun, the Azamara guests or those two! 🙂

Come morning, the stateroom breakfast you could order was the BIGGEST we have seen at sea. Not your typical “continental breakfast” but inclusions like steak & eggs or European or healthy choice combinations and more!

nancy & Shawn Power having breakfast on Club Ocean Suite on Azamara Club Cruises Quest
Here we are in the Club Ocean Suite having a fabulous breakfast. You should have seen the sweeping ocean views we had that morning… wonderful!

Besides these 3 Azamara Club Cruises Distinctions:

1. Great Value– getting more then what you pay for.

2. Destination Immersion– longer stays, more overnights & evenings.

3. Boutiques Hotel Style– Small ship exclusivity feel.

…What else makes Azamara Club Cruises such GOOD VALUE? Well…

All tips are included. That’s BIG savings! On a big ship you pay $12/day to start with and add another 15% minimum to every drink you order.

Your fare includes bottled water, soft drinks, specialty coffee & tea. On a big ship these items are $2 minimum and we’ve easily seen coffees & teas in the $5 range.

A large selection of complimentary international wines, spirits & beer are included in your fare. You can purchase premium alcoholic drink packages but 90% of the guests find the included selections more then enough choice and we agreed… on a big ship people who like to enjoy these adult beverages can easily spend hundreds of dollars per week.

Complimentary Drink List on Azamara Club cruises
Here is a picture we took for you, of the Complimentary Drinks List. As you can see, there are LOTS of choices and this didn’t even include the Free daily wines that were served!

AzAmazing Evenings event: under promised and over delivered! Wonderful & unique to Azamara Club cruises. (Read more about our AzAmazing experience below).

Comfortable over-sized Queen bed with Egyptian cotton linens

Terry bathrobes and comfy slippers

Welcome fruit basket and fresh cut flowers

Complimentary shoe shines

Complimentary use of umbrella & binoculars

Souvenir Tote bag

24 Hour room service

Shuttle service to and from port communities where applicable

Free self- service laundry onboard

Daily newspaper onboard to keep up on all the happenings of home.

They “still” have chocolates on your pillow at night… and they’re good ones… a nice touch!


… Azamara Club Cruises has a Fantastic Loyalty Program to honor Repeat Guests. This cruise, at the Explorer level, we were given 150 minutes of free internet per person, 2 free bags of laundry service per stateroom, coupon savings for the spa, a champagne reception, a Le Club Voyage Cocktail Party and a Destinations Talk Party…needless to say we felt rewarded!

And for Suite Guests (which we were) you receive so much more, including:

  • English Butler Service
  • Priority Check-in & Departure
  • Unpacking & Packing of Luggage (we unpacked our own undies… blush!)
  • Complimentary pressing of 2 garments per person (once only)
  • Welcome bottle of Premium Champagne
  • Tea & Hors d’oeuvres daily
  • Assistance with reservations for the Spa, Land Discoveries, & Specialty Dining for Prime C & Aqualina (they are fabulous!)
  • Complimentary cover charge at Specialty Dining Restaurants Prime C & Aqualina (we ate at those places 5 times between them which is normally $50/meal between us)
  • In-suite dining service from Discoveries & the Specialty Restaurants (a must do for a little added romance!)
  • Luxurious robes & slippers
  • Complimentary Thalassotherapy pool passes
  • Upgraded About Rose amenities

Click here to read in more detail about our “Suite Life” while onboard Azamara Club Cruises “Quest” Ship and learn about how we luckily got to stay in not just one, but TWO of the Top Suites onboard this cruise. 🙂

A word about our “AzAmazing Evening Event” onboard the USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier in Charleston, South Carolina:

USS Yorktown AzAmazing evening event with Azamara club cruises
Here we are onboard the aircraft carrier for our exciting AzAmazing Evening Event… we couldn’t wait to check out all the planes like the one behind us!

Azamara really out did themselves. It was so well organized that we did not feel we were lined up or waiting around for a second. We immediately boarded a really nice bus and drove a short 15 minutes to the aircraft carrier where we were greeted onboard by the Captain, ranking staff members, and staff carrying trays of hors d’oeurves and champagne.

Numerous bar stations were set up with various premium spirits, wine, beer, etc. Plus, the crew mentioned appetizers would be served, but it was more like a smorgasbord of delicious hot and chilled dishes, include fresh crab claws, peeled shrimp and fresh scallops… It was to die for & VERY impressive!!

The local entertainers were really good too and of course the carrier was entirely ours for the evening to poke about, snap pictures and ask questions. The entire event was complimentary and included in the cost of our Cruise. It was truly a night we will always remember… definitely not your typical Shore Excursion!

**Note** As mentioned above, every Azamara Cruise (besides Transatlantic sailings) include one of these great evenings, always exclusive to Azamara guests & unique to the location you’re visiting!

Check out our Azamara Club Cruises sailing on the “Azamara Quest” pictures and videos as “pictures are worth a thousand words” as they say. And of course, if you have any specific questions about staterooms and a particular sailing you are interested in, well, it goes without saying, but give Shawn a call or email anytime because in Nancy’s word’s “he is brilliant and your best link to getting the Best Value & Cruise Experience “hands down” and he will gladly talk your ear off about Cruises, ha hum, I mean, help plan and book your next Cruise vacation”. 😉

We Appreciate You!

Nancy & Shawn Power

Your Trusted Cruise Experts!

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