Nancy & Shawn Power at Cinderella's Castle in Disneyland

Having Fun at Disneyland & Disney’s California Adventure

Nancy & Shawn Power at Cinderella's Castle in Disneyland
Bet you know that famous castle behind us!! 🙂

The last 2 days we’ve been having tons of fun playing around at “Disneyland” & Disney’s “California Adventure” in Anaheim, California…

…and we have to say, even though this is our 4th time visiting Disneyland in the past 6 years (we’ve also been to Walt Disney World 3 times during that time-frame) we still L-O-V-E visiting Disneyland as much as the first time!!

Every-time it seems like there’s something new to see… and the classic Disneyland rides and classic Disneyland attractions that are always here just seem to never grow old! 🙂

Now in case you’re wondering, “Why are you talking about Disneyland on your Cruise blog?”, it’s because…

…visiting Disneyland is one of the most popular things to do before/after Cruises that start in LA…

…from LA you can Cruise to places like Mexico, Hawaii & the Panama Canal.

Now even though we’ve been playing hard at Disneyland the past 2 days, we still made sure to take the time to get some great pics & video for you to remind you how fun a trip to Disneyland can be.

You can enjoy that video below but FIRST we wanted to give a quick mention and Tip for one the newest and awesome shows at Disneyland called “World of Color.”

We saw it last night for the 1st time and loved it!

It’s kinda like the fountains at Bellagio (but “on steroids” :-)) meet Disney’s greatest movie moments with an awesome soundtrack, lights and laser show added on…

…safe to say, it’s a show at Disneyland you don’t want to miss!

THE TRICK though is getting good viewing without having to lineup for hours before.


There’s a few options to getting a viewing spot but what we did last night, and what we highly recommend if it’s in your budget, is to do the dinner package option at Ariel’s Grotto or the Wine Country Trattoria..

…we did ours at the Trattoria and it was -a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

For $40 each we had a wonderful 3 course meal, including tea, coffee and soft drinks.

The best part though was the “reserved viewing” ticket we got to the “World of Color” show once we finished dinner.

Basically, we enjoyed a great dinner and it reserved us the best spots possible to view the water show and we could show up anywhere from 30mins before right till when the show started…

…a much nicer option then people literally lining up hours before, sitting around on the concrete watching the clock go by.

Our Tip: Even though you get a reserved spot for the best viewing area, as the whole viewing areas are all standing only, you could get a tall person or two in front of you with kids on their shoulders or mickey mouse ears, so get to the line 45 minutes before the show starts as we did and we got to the front of the reserved area…

…it was perfect with no-one in front of us at all blocking our view… let’s just say overall it was a great evening!!

Alight, enjoy our Disneyland video below and please make sure to…

…comment below about your favorite Disneyland or Disneyworld memories & tips…

…ourselves and our readers would love to hear all about them!!

(Tip: For best viewing click the Full Screen mode in the very bottom right corner of the video!)

We appreciate You.

Nancy & Shawn
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