8 Tips For Airline Travel

8 Tips For Airline Travel

8 Tips For Airline Travel

8 Tips For Airline Travel

When you fly as often as we do, there are 8 Tips For Airline Travel we automatically do every time to ensure a smooth process when flying to a destination to catch a Cruise. There ARE certain things to pack for the flight that will make you more comfortable and certain things to do to avoid unpleasant experiences such as being bumped from a flight when it is overbooked, etc.

Here are the 8 Tips For Airline Travel that will make flying as painless and as smooth as possible, ultimately putting you at ease:

1. Bring ear phones from home to watch a Movie or TV on the plane. If not, they will cost you anywhere from $2-$5 to purchase on the flight… and they’re usually not the greatest quality. 🙂

8 Tips For Airline Travel TV head phones


8 Tips For Airline Travel chewing gum2. Chew gum or eat chewy candies on the descent of your flight (usually 30-40 minutes before touch down) to relieve air pressure that WILL affect your ears on the way down. Chew every time and the chances of having plugged or uncomfortable ears after the flight will be minimal.

The third of the 8 Tips For Airline Travel is…



3. Bring a magazine, toys for the kids, solitaire game, lap top, something to pass the time as you sit in your seat. Depending on how long the flight is, the more distractions to keep your mind busy the better. Especially for the kids. 🙂

8 Tips For Airline Travel TV using ipad on plane

4. Expecting to get some solid quality sleep on the flight? Think it’s a great idea to save a little money by taking a red eye flight cause you’ll just be sleeping anyways? Think again. If you can’t imagine getting even a 10 minute nap sitting up on your couch at home, this will be “no different”. Yes, the seats recline, but only a couple inches. Getting a good night sleep in your bed and then flying is the very BEST option.

8 Tips For Airline Travel To Keep In Mind For Your next flight!

5. Check-in online ASAP to get your seat selection. If not, there is a chance you could get bumped if the airline oversells it’s seats and nobody volunteers to take the next flight. Oh, and this happens OFTEN. We saw it happen twice this past week alone.

What we normally do, is find out the earliest check-in time, set our time schedule/alarm and as soon as the clock turns (usually 24 hours in advance) we check in and immediately grab our seats.

Don’t be that last person who shows up 45 minutes before your flight, not checked in… if they’re oversold and there are no volunteers, you’re the easy choice to “Bump”. 🙂

8 Tips For Airline Travel Seats


6. Print off your boarding pass prior to going to the airport to avoid line ups at check-in. This will save you A LOT of time as you will only need to get in the much shorter bag drop line. You’ll find yourself at the gate before everyone else and more relaxed just from pressing the “print document” button on your computer at home. Easy pezzy! Another of the “8 Tips for Airline Travel” but more like a …

8 Tips For Airline Travel bad drop

7. Best practice is to book direct flights whenever possible as there is a higher possibility of missing flight connections and being stuck somewhere that is not your final destination. There is nothing worse then the worry of making it to the gate on time. With that said, the final of the 8 Tips For Airline Travel is…

8. Be flexible. Flight times can change frequently due to weather, crew changes, and many other reasons. If a family member or friend is picking you up, give them your flight number ahead of time to check on the status of your flight so they know when to pick you up. And when it comes to taking a Cruise,the rule of thumb is to arrive a day early. This is important as being significantly delayed by your flight could put a damper on your planned Cruise vacation.

Do you happen to have any other Tips For Airline Travel that we should be aware of? Let us know, by commenting below. We love to hear from you!

Happy Airline Travel.

We Appreciate YOU!

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