How To NOT Be Afraid of Flying

How To NOT Be Afraid of Flying

How To NOT Be Afraid of FlyingHave you ever asked the question or wondered, How To NOT Be Afraid of Flying??


If so, You are not alone. “How to not be afraid of flying” is a common question asked by MANY. One that Nancy (not Shawn) knows all too well. Every time she would get on a plane, sweating and her inability to have a normal conversation because she was so scared, was a normal reaction for her. Let’s just say that “How To NOT Be Afraid of Flying” is a question Nancy asked often.

Shawn on the other hand, worked with an airline and knew the industry intimately. He was the calm, cool and collected one who would come to Nancy’s rescue and tell her everything would be fine, and tell her to just stay calm.

Now a days, because of the amount of miles we have flown, we are happy to say, that we are “BOTH” quite comfortable with flying. 🙂

But what was the change for Nancy?

How To NOT Be Afraid of Flying Tips!

HOW did she go from wanting to know “How To NOT Be Afraid of Flying” to, “Now a days, flying is my time to relax and catch up on some writing and playing solitaire”?

We believe it is because she got to know the different sounds and noises and the natural way the plane reacts in the different altitudes and such. Instead of those noises startling her into a cold sweat and worrying that something was wrong, they became “familiar”, welcomed and eventually normal background noises over time.

Today we wanted to walk you through some of those sounds, clings and clangs that may frighten people when they are not familiar with them during a plane ride, in hopes that the next time you get on a flight to head to your Cruise, you’ll find them welcoming and normal too. By reading this article, you’ll be able to board a plane without fear and NOT having to sit on dozens of flights before you “finally” feel comfortable.

Let’s banish this “How To NOT Be Afraid of Flying” question from your vocabulary, once and for all!

Ok, lets get started.

During the initial part of the accelerations where the plane gains it’s speed down the runway, it is normal for the plane to sway just slightly. You’ll know what we’re talking about as soon as you are onboard next. This slight sway has to be normal because it does it every single time. Knowing this should ease your mind and get you a step further from saying “How To NOT Be Afraid of Flying”. 🙂Relaxing on a plane

Another thing we find consistent, is that most of the time when the plane goes through clouds, the plane will get what we like to term “goose bumps” and “shiver” a little. Some might call it turbulence, but what do they know! Wink. 🙂 …Goose bumps and shivers are quite normal. Nothing to be afraid of. As soon as you are through the clouds, it’s all over.

Because of her experience in flying as often as she has now, Nancy is well aware (and now you will be too) that we experience a few more shivers through the initial take off and during the descent right through to just before touch down. There are times when it is smooth sailing on the take off, but we expect to have a few goose bumps. It’s just a NORMAL part of flying and a natural part of traveling at high speeds through wind. Which allow us to fly from city to city in the first place.

Is “how not to be afraid of flying” forgotten just yet? Need a little more?  Let’s keep going then…

Many times, the pilot will start the descent before he or she tells us. And it’s a good idea at that point, to tell yourself that it’s going to be a bit shivery, as most of the time it is. And of course, you’ll go through those clouds again too, like we talked about earlier.

How To NOT Be Afraid of Flying Tips!

Speaking of the descent, once the plane gets closer to the ground you may notice as the pilot lowers the wheels to prepare for landing. It can be quite loud and startling. But, next time you hear it, you’ll know exactly what it is. Take a deep breath and smile- you’re almost there!

Another tip that will help block your “how not to be afraid of flying” fear, is the noise you’ll hear as the plane gets closer to landing is the change as the pilot expands the wings. It SUDDENLY creates a loud noise almost similar to putting your hand in front of a blowing hairdryer. Same thing. We’re probably sounding like broken records at this point, but, stay calm – this is totally normal.

Anyways, we really hope this prepares you and helps you get over the fear of flying and wondering “How To NOT Be Afraid of Flying”. We hope it makes you more comfortable knowing what is happening and what to expect.

It made a big difference for Nancy. 🙂

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We Appreciate You!

Nancy & Shawn
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