AMA Waterways Advantages Over Other River Cruise Lines

As AMA Waterways is just one of a few major River Cruise-lines (we sell them all, have personally Cruised on most of them including 4 times on AMA & know them all well) you’re probably wondering why would you want to Cruise with them over anyone else?

Well, we’ve put together a few reasons to help you see why AMA Waterways is a great choice:

Nancy & Shawn Power with AMA waterways owners Rudi Schreiner & Kristin Karst in Myanmar for AMA’s inaugural cruise on the Irrawaddy River

1. AMA Waterways is a family owned line and it oozes that same care & warmth from the staff when you step onboard… we’ve cruised with some of the corporate owned River Cruiselines too, which were great, but the staff onboard AMA “really” reflect that family atmosphere which starts at the top with owners Rudi Schreiner & Kristin Karst, whom we have had the pleasure of getting to know the past few years… there’s us Cruising with them in Myanmar in this pic to the right and we cruised again with them a year later on the Rhine River.

The other great part of it being Family owned, with the owners still very active in the business, is if anything negative ever happened with your booking before or during your trip it’s only an easy phone call away for us to get it fixed for you… not as simple with the bigger corporate guys.



2. AMA serves the highest rated food in the River Cruise industry… it’s a well known fact amongst industry insiders that AMA spends more money per guest per day on food & wine then the other lines which is a great thing as don’t we all love to dine extremely well when we travel! 🙂

They’re the only River Cruise line that are members of the famous “La Chaine des Rotisseurs” society (their Lamb during their “La Chaine” dinner is to die for!) and they even host many Wine Cruises each year for you wine lovers & Oenophiles.


3. With less people onboard then the mass-market River Cruiselines (160 on average instead of 190 on an identical size ship) you’ll appreciate the upscale feel onboard created with bigger rooms, more space in the restaurants, lounges, etc. and less people on each shore excursion. And when spending your hard earned money on a River Cruise you want it to be superb! 🙂


4. Biking & Hiking! For those who like to be active on their Vacations, AmaWaterways is the only river cruise line that carries more than two dozen bicycles and safety helmets, free for you to use throughout Europe. The bicycles give you the freedom to venture out and explore the riverside bikeways or participate in complimentary guided bicycle tours, complete with 2 guides per tour. Whether you join a guided bike tour or explore on your own, their user-friendly bicycles offer the ultimate in touring freedom. And recently, they’ve started adding hikes into their Europe itineraries for another option to be active while on your trip.


All that said, check out these 2 fantastic videos that will “show you” what we are talking about:


Europe River Cruises:

AMA has a multitude of fascinating itineraries to choose from in Europe. You can enjoy the luxuries (shown in this video) from the comforts of your ship in France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal etc. Check out their Europe video to the right.








The Mekong River Cruise:

Hands down, AMA offers the best value & benefits in Vietnam & Cambodia on the majestic Mekong River because the ship offers private balconies (with other lines you have shared balconies) AND they include an overnight stay on a wooden junket in Halong Bay (with the others you have to add that one) one of the major highlights in the area, NOT to be missed! See their video to the right.





AMAPura Cruiseship in MyanmarOne last thing, you can check out our personal review of our 1st trip with AMA here:










And you can see our pictures from our “Main & Mosel” River Cruise and “Rhine” River Cruise:





And here’s our Review of our “Africa River Cruise & Safari” with AMA… it was simply the trip of a lifetime!! 🙂


So there you have it, some distinct advantages & great inspiration to get your AMA Waterways River cruise booked today.

Call us at 1-800-219-7477 and we’ll help you get your Dream River Cruise Vacation turned into a Reality!

We appreciate you!!

Nancy & Shawn Power