Celebrity Silhouette Caribbean Cruise

My “Celebrity Silhouette” Cruise… how did she score?

Celebrity Silhouette Caribbean Cruise

Lately we’ve been sailing a lot on small ships & River Cruises which has been a nice get-away from the crowds & sameness of the big mass-market ships…

… so last month when we took our 5th Cruise with Celebrity we weren’t sure how much we’d enjoy this 3,000 guest experience as our last Cruise with them 4 years ago didn’t impress us much.

BUT we were pleasantly surprised with their improvements when it comes to food and service and how they’re partnering with high quality companies like Canyon Ranch Spa, Apple, Rosetta Stone, etc.

If big ship “Adult Oriented” fun (they don’t cater as much to families like Royal, Norwegian & Disney do) is what you’re looking for, a Celebrity “Solstice Class” ship is one of the better options to go with. Especially since they added a few NEW enhancements for suites guests (more details about that later).

But yes, you truly do need to pull out your charge card (in this case your stateroom key :-)) to pay for many extra-fee items onboard including the specialty restaurants. But if we were to do it again, considering the high quality of the specialty restaurants we would definitely buy a dining package (hint-hint) to have those dining experiences again.

“What’s this dining package all about?”  There are 3 packages to choose from that save you money. The one you choose will depend on how many of the specialty restaurants you want to go to. For more details and to see all the restaurants onboard the Celebrity Silhouette click HERE.

…one restaurant in particular we thought was THAT unique and THAT good, was called “Qsine”. We were told it would entertain us with it’s presentation alone, but ordering from the interactive iPad (easy to use) and sampling many mouth-watering unique dishes had us immediately booking a table for another night- just to do it all over again! Check out these pics below from Qsine:

 Qsine restaurant onboard celebrity Silhouette

Sushi Lollipops api at Qsine restaurant onboard Celebrity Silhouette

If you’ve been on a Solstice-class ship before (the Silhouette is one of the newest versions), you may remember the Lawn Club, a half-acre grassed area that sits at the very top of and in the sunniest part of the ship. It has been re-vamped on Silhouette and turned into a serene haven. Wait till you see it in person! Here’s a glimpse:

Celebrity Silhouette Cabana's in the Lawn Club

Friends of ours rented a Cabana there one day and we joined them for an hour & it was wonderful. We sat back and a personal server refreshed our ice bucket, served us fresh fruit, water and a la carte beverages, while we enjoyed the fresh air, a hammock nap and just some good old R&R.

The inside of Celebrity Silhouette ship is impressive too!

The inside of Celebrity Silhouette ship is impressive too! The pictures we took turned out so nice, you’d say there were professionally taken- but it’s because the ship is so stunning they turned out that way, check out a few of the pictures we took below:

 Celebrity Silhouette main dining room

Celebrity Silhouette Library

Celebrity Silhouette Shopping area

As per usual, we did a walk-around of the entire ship and captured pictures with descriptive captions- just for you, so you can REALLY see the ship in detail & know what to expect: Check them out here!

Isn’t the ship spectacular?!

Here’s a Tip for you!

Something interesting that you can book now…

starting April 2015 Celebrity is including a new “Suites Class Experience” where guests booking Suites will be immersed in a luxurious experience. It will include private dining (we got the Inside scoop from one of their top executives and it sounds out of this world), personalized service and the exclusivity factor. Which we all love!  You can read all about it HERE.

So, when you’re ready to book your “Celebrity Suite” experience on a Solstice Class ship, contact Shawn and he’ll get you booked on your next Cruise Vacation… and he’ll help you make sure it’s a spectacular one!

Happy Cruising.

We appreciate you!

Nancy & Shawn
Your Trusted Cruise Experts!

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