Rick Steves taking a Cruise

Rick Steves: The Biggest Skeptic of Cruises Turns Advocate!

Rick Steves taking a Cruise

Mr. Rick Steves of “Europe through the back door”, a well respected writer and expert on European Travel by foot, (and someone who we really admire & enjoy his work) shocks us by not only stepping foot on a Cruise ship but does so several times, then writes an article about it (worth sending to all our skeptic friends) talking about the benefits of Cruising in Europe over doing it on your own.

In a nut shell, here are some of the benefits he explains:

  • He found the per day cost for a cruise can beat independent travel — particularly in northern Europe due to it’s highest costs of living in the world. A.K.A very expensive hotel room rates, food, etc.
  • No need to pack & unpack a suitcase or catch a train. You can simply head back to your cozy stateroom and wake refreshed, ready to explore a new city or town without hassle.
  • Rick was impressed by the fact that Cruise ships work hard at avoiding congestion and he was amazed at feeling like the ship was half empty when it’s sold out and not feeling crowded.

It’s a quick read, and you can check it out HERE.

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Happy cruising & learning.

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