Merry Christmas Wishes from Nancy & Shawn Power!

What Makes a Holiday Cruise So Special?

Knee deep in snowcooking & cleaning more then any other week of the year… stuck in traffic & then again in line ups at the mall… not being able to have a few “festive beverages” as someone has to drive… spending a small fortune on gifts that are forgotten by New Years… etc., etc.


Is that really how “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” is truly meant to be experienced?

Our answer is “No Way”!! 🙂

Well, if you want Christmas and/or New Years to be one of the most memorable and not stressful in 2013, then consider an amazing way to celebrate it…

…with your Family and/or Friends at sea on a “Holiday Sailing” Cruise Vacation!


Skeptical about not being home for the holidays?  When we initially heard this idea, we were too…

Not that long ago we thought Christmas trees had to be decorated and stockings had to hung at home for the holidays to be real.

But a few years after Shawn started selling Cruises he had heard so much positive feedback from his clients about how great a Holiday Cruise was, we decided we finally had to try one ourselves.

Nancy & Shawn on a Christmas Cruise

So from December 15th-30th, 2010 we sailed through the Panama Canal from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles and we loved it!

So much so, a year later we did a 12 Night Miami round-trip sailing not only for Christmas but we were onboard for New Years too!

And, we’re eying a few different sailings for this year around that time as we totally missed being on a cruise Vacation for the Holidays this past Christmas.

So what is it that makes a Cruise at the holidays such a special one?

Lots of things! 🙂

1. The ships are beautifully decorated, with not just one Christmas tree, but numerous ones for you to enjoy… and you didn’t have to decorate them yourself! 🙂


2. You can spend the day in the sun or relax watching Christmas movies while renowned Chefs prepare Christmas dinner for you!

holiday dinner

3. Some sailings have snow falling in the Atrium. Who said you couldn’t have snow falling when it’s sunny and warm outside! 🙂

Cruise Ship Atrium Snow

4. Some sailings have a visit from Santa Clause giving gifts out to the kids.

Santa On A Cruise Ship

5. Many times you’ll receive some special gifts for the holidays from the Cruise line that you wouldn’t get any other time of year.

Gifts from Oceania on Christmas Cruise

6. You can take formal pictures with the entire family while onboard… we all know how hard it is to get everyone together do this at home!

Family Pics on a Christmas Cruise

These are just a sampling of the unique things that the Cruise lines do to make cruising for the holidays special for you.

So consider a Christmas and/or New Years sailing this year and have one of the best ever Holiday seasons in 2013!

**Hot tip**  Book your Holiday sailing early… on the most popular sailings and for the best rooms, prices can increase fast… we almost always book our cruises 9-12 months in advance and when we booked our Christmas ones we saw prices increase by $500-$1200 per person more then what we had paid.

Here’s to you experiencing a great Holiday sailing in 2013!! 🙂

We appreciate you!

Nancy & Shawn
Your Trusted Cruise Experts!

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