Afraid to Travel to China? Discover How & 5 Reasons Not to Wait!

gorgeYesterday, among the many Cruise Vacations Shawn helped plan and book throughout the day for clients of ours, one stood out. It was a “Yangtze River Cruise” in China on Uniworld River Cruiseline…

…over dinner, while chatting about how incredible Uniworld’s brand new ship looks- that was just launched in China this year, it brought back some amazing memories of our “Yangtze River Cruise” that we enjoyed a few years ago with 20 family, friends & clients of ours.

We’ve done a lot of Cruises & traveling over the years but it was truly a Vacation of a Lifetime and one of our top trips ever!! 🙂

How about you… have you ever considered a trip to China?

In our research we’ve found many, many people have dreamed of visiting this mysterious Country but many people put it off as they find it a little intimidating as it’s such a far away & exotic place.

And you know what, we’ve also talked to some people over the years who’ve tried to do “their own thing” over there & regretted it for reasons such as:

  • the language barrier was tough
  • the food made them sick
  • they wasted tons of time getting from place to place
  • and the list goes on

So if you’re one of those who are intimated you are not alone. There’s good reason to feel this way as it’s not an easy place to figure out yourself.


indexThat’s where a highly organized (and a little bit westernized) River Cruise comes in.

It’s a way to see all the highlights of China (The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, The Terracotta Warriors, The Yangtze River, their famous acrobats, etc.) while enjoying the familiarities of home like a friendly English speaking guide, the best hotels that China has to offer, authentic Chinese food but a little westernized for our tastes, etc.

When we did our trip, 6 of our members had said they always wanted to visit China but didn’t have the courage to till they saw we were going and of course they loved it like us & said they regretted not going earlier as with the River Cruise it was way easier & more organized then they ever imagined!


If so, check out the below blogs we wrote about our trip in China to get an excellent “feel” for what a Vacation over there will look like:

1. Shanghai… this is where we started our tour and enjoyed a wonderful mix of historic & modern China… all topped off by an amazing performance of the World famous Chinese acrobats!


2. Yangtze River… here we show you the highlights of our time on the 3rd longest river in the World.  Visiting the “Three Gorges Dam” and the “Lesser Three Gorges” were definitely some spectacular highlights!


3. Terracotta Warriors… almost 4 decades ago a few Chinese farmers made one of the World’s most famous discoveries… you’ll love visiting here and experiencing the impressive army that China’s 1st emperor, Qin Shi Huang, built to protect himself in the afterlife!


4. Beijing… the “Great Wall of China”, “Tiananmen Square”, the “Forbidden City”, a traditional “Peking Duck” dinner… you’ll for sure love visiting this Famous City!


5. Our “Yangtze River” Cruise & Land Tour in China Videos… check out these “live” looks at how great a time you’ll have in one of the most fascinating countries in the World!

After checking all that out, are you ready to go? 🙂


If you want to learn more about what options are available over there (you can also visit Tibet, Hong Kong and/or Guilin) as well as pricing, date availability, etc. then Contact Shawn and he’ll help you make your “Dream China Vacation” a reality!

We appreciate You!

Nancy & Shawn
Your Trusted Cruise Experts!

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