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Love Travel? Then you’ll Love these Move, Eat, Learn Videos

We loved the “Move, Eat, Learn” Videos and know you will too!! 


Move, Eat, Learn Videos ImageIf you’ve been following us at for anytime at all or know us personally you’ll know we absolutely Love traveling more then just about anything else in life… no kidding, we’d travel full time if we could and would be happy for our address to be…

…”The World”!! 🙂

With that said, we’re asked many times “Why do you two love traveling so much?”

Although we can feel it inside why we love it, putting it into words isn’t always that easy. 🙂

The videos below though now help us explain it a little better… we travel as we love to “Move, Eat, Learn”!

Seriously, there’s no better feeling then being somewhere new, trying new foods and mostly learning something new!

By the way, they were created by an Australian Travel company who sent 3 guys out for six weeks to eleven countries, on eighteen flights, over 38,000 thousand miles and they took a terabyte worth of pictures and videos…

…pretty cool assignment!! 🙂

We truly hope you enjoy the “Move, Eat, Learn” Videos as much as we did and make sure to comment below and let us know your favourite video.





We appreciate You!
Nancy & Shawn
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