So just what are UNESCO World Heritage Sites anyways?

UNESCO World Heritage Sites SymbolIf you’ve spent anytime at all searching around NancyandShawnPower.com or if you’ve been following our blog updates, you’ll most likely have heard us talk about UNESCO World Heritage Sites once or twice…

…we even have a section of our site designated to UNESCO World Heritage Sites where you’ll find all of our blog posts about our visits to those destinations. (we’ve only been to around 25 so far but we’ll definitely grow it over time :-))

Like us though, till we started traveling lots and paying more attention, you many not really know what these UNESCO World Heritage Sites are all about.

If that’s the case, we’re going to solve that problem for you today as

We came across a great article about what UNESCO World Heritage Sites are all about

Gary at everything-everwhere.com, who has been a full-time traveler since 2007, is an avid UNESCO World Heritage sites “collector”…

…and because of his passion for them he knows lots about them.

Here’s an article he recently wrote that gives some really great info about what these natural & historic sites are all about.

As Gary says, this list contains many of the great places in the world that people want to visit!Cracked Egg

Oh ya, with 936 sites spread out over 153 countries (you can see the full list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites here) you’d better “get cracking” on getting started with hitting these amazing, natural & historical…

UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

We appreciate You.

Nancy & Shawn
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