5 reasons to take a longer cruise

5 Reasons to Take a Longer Cruise?

5 reasons to take a longer cruise

Some people are hesitant or intimidated by taking a Cruise lasting 10 days or more—especially those new to Cruising.

BUT there are so many reasons to take advantage & take the leap!

Here are a few benefits to taking a longer cruise:

1. You’ll have time to “really” explore a diverse itinerary and get into vacation mode.

2. You’ll have more time to experience all the different activities, amenities, dining, shops and venues onboard, not missing a thing!

3. If you prefer a more serene vacation experience, longer cruises tend to attract fewer families and children, so there will be plenty of peace and quiet.

4. When it’s time to go back home, you will ACTUALLY look forward to it as you will have been away long enough… but a one week cruise, you’re barely relaxed and suddenly you have to go home. Bummer!

5. AND, don’t forget that longer cruises are often the best value!

Clearly, taking more time IS the way to go!

So if time is not your problem, give a longer cruise a whirl, You’ll L-O-V-E it! We always do…

…typically we take longer cruises for the reasons above and this summer we will be taking 3, one week long back to back River Cruises in France to REALLY totally immerse ourselves in the French culture. Why rush a good thing, right? 🙂

Some other examples of longer cruises we have taken are our recent & fantastic 14 Night Myanmar River Cruise & our historic 15 Night Panama Canal Cruise.

As #4 say’s above, by the time we were finished both those Cruise vacations (3+ weeks later) we had been away for so long that we really were looking forward to getting back to our comforts of home.

So, if you’ve been pondering the idea, we say- go for it!

And don’t forget to give us a jingle when you have your next cruise vacation in mind… we would love to assist.

We appreciate You!

Nancy & Shawn
Your Trusted Cruise Experts!

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