Cruise vacation to discover self

TRAVEL to Discover Yourself!

Cruise vacation to discover self
How blessed are those who have the opportunity to Travel! ~NP

You already know our story, how we are in the top 1% worldwide for our age group of people who have been on as many cruises as we have (39 to date) and although those percentages are hard to predict for ALL age groups we are guessing they are pretty high up there no matter what age bracket you look at.

Why are we bringing that up today? Well, it’s certainly not to gloat… quite the opposite.

As we think about all the Cruise & Travel experiences we have had at such a young age (we’re both 41 this year) we can’t help but feel so very blessed and grateful!

It has altered our lives!

Yoga on a River Cruise

In quotations below is something we came across the other day and we wanted to share with you today, which sparked all this reminiscing about our travels in the first place.

Have a read:

When you travel, you don’t just learn about other cultures.

You don’t just taste different cuisines.

You don’t just have new experiences or meet new people.

The best thing you encounter in your travels is a new perspective on yourself…

… you discover yourself, your limits and your desires, as you face new challenges, visit unusual places and get pushed past your comfort zone.

You see things that make you reevaluate, that make you appreciate your own life and the things you might have taken for granted.

Isn’t that the truth!?

We have certainly been tested, challenged and gone home after trips feeling grateful we live in North America with a roof over our heads, clean water & our bounty of luxuries.

On many occasions our travels to certain poor destinations made us challenge why we REALLY needed so much stuff to the point where we found ourselves altering our lives for the better as a result. We even wrote an e-book several years back called “Stop collecting stuff & start creating memories: 9 great reasons to travel now!”.

What will you ponder & discover on your next trip???

It’s the beauty of travel, isn’t it?

This also reminds us that when we help you pick a new cruise vacation we’re not just sending you to a new place, but to a greater understanding of yourselves too.

Ponder & discover away friends by keeping on traveling!


Nancy & Shawn
Your Trusted Cruise Experts!

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