Rocky Mountaineer Train ride

Take a Pre or Post Cruise Tour with The Rocky Mountaineer!

Rocky Mountaineer Train ride

We didn’t want to get off the train and say goodbye, it was THAT good!

Our five hour train ride from Vancouver to Seattle was short but boy did we get a taste for what guests on longer tours experience & we quickly realized why this Rocky Mountaineer train tour company is World Famous and why thousands of people flock to their tours each year.

We’ll go into the details of our experience aboard in a minute but 1st we wanted to tell you about a New partnership between Norwegian Cruise Line, Holland America and The Rocky Mountaineer, where guests can now book a package combining an Alaska Cruise and the Rocky Mountaineer train ride…

You can check out all the information about it here: Rocky Mountaineer & Alaska Cruise Combination Tour


You can simply select one of their 45 unique packages including the Canadian Rockies or Whistler and schedule it around the beginning or end of the Cruise of your choosing during a repositioning, a coastal or an Alaskan Cruise that stops or starts in Seattle or Vancouver.

You can see the various Train experiences here: Rocky Mountaineer Tours

After our recent onboard adventure, we can tell you with confidence that taking one of these tours won’t disappoint.

About our Rocky Mountaineer Experience.

Nancy and Shawn Power onboard the Rocky Mountaineer

After snapping the above picture of us next to the train & excitedly awaiting our journey ahead, we boarded the GoldLeaf Service Train, the one with full side and overhead glass so you can get infinite views of the scenery around you… It’s the one we suggest you do too because it’s truly all about having the best views without restriction. You can see it in this picture…

Rocky Mountaineer GoldLeaf Service onboard

… to learn about the different Service levels you can choose from, click HERE.

Once seated in our assigned comfy lounge chairs the hostesses introduced themselves and then quickly went to work handing us hot towels to refresh with and a delicious beverage to toast our journey ahead as the wheels started to turn.

Our train left on schedule at 8am as we were being served hot coffee/tea and delicious scones.

Commentary started straight away as we passed a historical or interesting site and a heads up was always given when a large waterfalls or other not to be missed attraction was going to be on our left or right, so we could get our cameras ready.

Scenery while onboard the Rocky Mountaineer

We were so excited to be onboard and just by looking around at the quality of the soft beige upholstery, the lovely dome glass enveloping us and the trains overall inviting warmth, we knew the Rocky Mountaineer was a classy experience.

No surprise, the staff were super friendly, courteous and ready to go the extra mile to make our time onboard memorable.

As the train gently maneuvered the tracks, she took her time so we could enjoy the sights of small towns, otters poking their heads out of the rivers, so we could admire ocean side cottages & mansions owned by movie stars, and so we could snap pictures of majestic waterfalls and dozens of Bald Eagles flying overhead… and yes, that really did happen- it was amazing! But if we picked another service level other then the Goldleaf, we may not have seen it.

The oohs and aahs from guests as we passed picturesque vistas were common… the sudden finger pointing coupled with a loud “there!” as we watched wildlife in their natural habitat was exciting and put a perma-grin on all of our faces. 🙂

Rocky Mountaineer train experience

Breakfast was gourmet & served on white linen in the lower deck. We can still taste the butter warm croissants (yummy) while we sat relaxing & enjoying the incredible landscapes passing by. Check out Nancy’s fresh salmon, eggs & caviar breakfast below, it was scrumptious!

Rocky Mountaineer breakfast food

When the train came to a stop finally, we wanted to stay on and ride back with them just to experience it all over again but we had to say goodbye.

It might seem obvious, but we would highly recommend for you to add a Rocky Mountaineer tour around your Alaska Cruise Vacation when visiting Vancouver, Canada…- you won’t regret it!!

We appreciate you!

Nancy & Shawn
Your Trusted Cruise Experts!

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