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Have You Ever Considered An All-Inclusive Vacation In The Caribbean?


Sandals Exuma BayHave you ever dreamed of jetting down to the Caribbean to spend a week or 2 (or more!) relaxing at a white-sand beach Resort with waters so blue/green you can’t even describe them??

If so, most likely you’ve considered staying at an “All-Inclusive” Resort as that’s a very well talked about & popular Vacation option.

BUT, maybe like us for many years you were hesitant to try one as you heard they’re busy, they’re packed with young people & kids, the food isn’t very good (and many people get sick from it), the booze is watered down, etc., etc.

If you’ve had those thoughts, they’re true… we’ve heard MANY horror stories about All-Inclusives over the years as it’s a product where you truly get what you pay for... those $499 per person-$999 per person deals for a “Week in Paradise” (with Airfare included) sound great but it’s not rocket-science at those rates what you’re getting is VERY low quality!!


Just like Cruises though where there are $399 per person per week Cruises and $7,000-$10,000+ per person per week Cruises which are VERY different… different rooms, different food, different amounts of people onboard and overall VERY different quality…

It’s the same with All-Inclusive resorts!!


Due to that and due to the majority of All-Inclusive Resorts not being near the quality of higher-end Cruises, we’ve always avoided selling them… years ago we attempted to get into them as we heard some good things about “Secrets” but after staying at 4 of their Resorts over the years we discovered 2 were nice but 1 of them we left early as it was so bad and the other was more of a hotel than resort, jammed in between other hotels.

Basically, there was no consistency so we weren’t comfortable recommending them to our clients who trust us to only offer them quality products that offer them GREAT value for the Vacation dollars they spend!


Anyways, to make a long story short, due to “Coronavirus/Covid-19” shutting down Cruises for many months we’ve had a lot of our Loyal clients picking our brains for alternative places they can travel to since it looks like it’ll be late fall at the earliest before Cruises & Tauck Land Tours get going again… also, many of our clients book Exotic/Overseas trips with us but due to the current situation they’re interested in staying “closer to home” this year but not necessarily inside the US or Canada.


Due to all that, we’ve recently decided to start selling All-Inclusive Vacations and we’re going to exclusively sell “Sandals” Resorts: 


As we talk about here a few years back we decided to only sell “Tauck” Land Tours since they’re the “Best of the Best!!

Same thing with “Sandals” Resorts… based on a stay we had at one of their resorts years ago in the Bahamas & based on reviews from clients of ours who’ve stayed with them and based on conferring with many colleagues, “Sandals” Resorts offer the quality our clients have come to expect after booking all their Ocean Cruises, River Cruises & Tauck Land Tours with us!


For starters, they’re WELL established!


Having launched in 1981 they’re going on 40 years of experience in the industry so you can trust they’ll take great care of you & will be around a long time… they’ve been through all the tough crises the past 40 years and have come out with flying colours after them all and even now they’re back up & running after being shut down like the rest of the World was through the start of the virus.


And as you’ll see in this video, when they opened back up the safety of their guests was their #1 concern!


Now keep in mind, “Sandals” Resorts aren’t places just anyone can show up to this company was started for “Two People in Love ” to spend some well-deserved & cherished time together in “Paradise”!


Basically, they created the ultimate couple’s vacation… ALL rooms have King beds and you have to book 2 people per room so this is NOT a place you can bring your kids, you can travel to solo, to enjoy a brother & sister/mom & daughter trip, etc. (again, remember 1 bed!)

Whether you’re a same-sex couple or man/woman is no problem but for example if you have 2 sisters going together/don’t mind sharing the same bed it’s NOT a good fit as EVERYONE there will be couples! There’s definitely other resorts out there for you though where they’re “Adults-Only” and anyone can go… friends, siblings, couples, etc. And there’s lots out there to bring your kids to.


Again though, “Sandals” Resorts are just for couples as they talk about here:


FYI, just like how the Cruise industry has MANY companies to choose from & each company has MANY ships to choose from & Tauck Land Tours have many options to choose from and you need a great consultant to help you find the right fit for you (many of you receiving this email today have experienced working with Shawn helping you break down all the options to help you find the perfect Cruise Vacation or Tauck Land Tour for you)… “Sandals” is a complex product as well!

They have 15 resorts (all unique which means some will suit you/others won’t… but that also means you can go often and have a different experience each time!) in 6 different destinations and over 300 room choices… but no worries, just like with Cruises & Tauck Land Tours Shawn will help you find the perfect resort & room fit for you based on your preferences! 🙂


So, what makes “Sandals” Resorts stand out quality-wise compared to their competitors?


Well, besides them being for Adults/Couples only a few other major areas stick out!


They’re TRULY All-Inclusive:

Five-star dining in as many as 16 restaurants

PREMIUM Liquors (not the local/watered down type you get at many resorts!) & unlimited “Robert Mondavi Twin Oaks” Wine

Stocked bars in every room

LOTS of water sports… even Scuba Diving!

FREE Golf at select resorts… including a Greg Norman course in the Bahamas where PGA events are hosted!


Butlers for guests staying in the top Suites

All gratuities for the resort staff… we’ve been at a bunch of “All-Inclusive” resorts in Mexico for example with other brands where they constantly had their hands out even though they said gratuities are included… at Sandals only Butlers & Spa staff can except gratuities since they’re the only services not everyone at the resort uses

Airport Transfers… EVEN when you book your own airfare! (which we recommend as that way you’ll avoid charter flights… which often have schedule issues and many times you get no points on them, business/first class is expensive if even availbale, you’ll arrive with a big group, etc.) Overall, the same with Cruises, it’s almost always best to book your own airfare!

They even include arrival lounges at the 2 airports where the resorts are a 1-1.5hr drive away (the other 4 airports are only 5-15mins from the resorts) so you can freshen up before your INCLUDED transfer to the resort! 


Another thing we REALLY like about Sandals is you can get 2-3 Vacations for the price of 1 depending on where you stay… what we mean is some resorts have 1-2 other resorts nearby & you get access to ALL of them which means you can enjoy different pools/different atmospheres during the day, at night you can enjoy a huge variety of bars and up to 27 restaurants, different entertainment, etc.

That means GREAT value for 1-2+ week trips since you can literally eat at different restaurants night after night and keep experiencing different atmospheres/different fellow guests during your trip which means ZERO BOREDOM! 🙂


This video talks a little more about the inclusions/why Sandals is a “step up” from all of it’s competitors!


As we have A LOT of clients who stay in some of the best suites on Cruise ships, we know MANY of you will like this feature! 🙂

One of Sandal’s “claim to fames” compared to other All-Inclusive Resorts is “Sandals” Resorts offers some of the BEST suites in the Caribbean… this video shows you some of the most amazing options they offer! (Ignore that it says “Honeymoon” Suites, this video was originally done for a Wedding show… these are available to anyone with the budget & who’s looking for a Great Experience!! FYI, their top Suites can go as high as $10,000-$11,000 per person per week but they also have Butler Suites as low as $2,000 per person per week and regular rooms can be as low as $1,500 per person per week so there’s options for ALL budgets!)


Since pretty much EVERYONE who reads our blog posts are “Cruise Lovers”, we KNOW you love great food when you travel… as you’ll see in this video “Sandals” has you covered there too!! 🙂



So there you go, there’s all the reasons why “Sandals” is considered to be the “Best of the Best” when it comes to All-Inclusive Resorts in the Caribbean!


Again, they’re ALL about  QUALITY which is why they’re won LOTS of Awards during their 40 years in business!


And of course, almost all their resorts have Beautiful beaches/locations like this… what isn’t there to like! 🙂





By the way, earlier we mentioned a lot of people are looking for “Close to Home” trips this year and even into next year. (And even when you’re doing overseas trips you always need a place to go “in-between” when you want a quick get-away! 🙂

ALL Sandals resorts are only 1-4hr flights from Miami which is one of the shortest flights you’ll ever take to experience this kind of Luxury! 

You can literally fly 1.5hrs from Miami to stay in an Overwater Bungalow (3 of their resorts have these)… that’s MUCH easier than 8hrs to Tahiti from LAX or even further to Fiji!!

(Of course, this doesn’t mean you NEED to go through Miami when flying if you live elsewhere… we’re just giving you a “feel” for how close these resorts are to the US & Canada! 🙂


So there you have it… all the reasons why we’ve decided to start offering “All-Inclusive Caribbean Vacations” to our Loyal & Cherished clients & why “Sandals” is who’ll we’ll be exclusively recommending.


If you’re ready to head down to the Caribbean or the Bahamas later this Summer or Fall to experience a memorable week or 2 (or more!) with your loved one then Contact Shawn Today and he’ll help you find that next great Vacation for you! 🙂


And if you’re NOWHERE near ready to take a trip till this virus stuff is all over… TOTALLY understandable… but as always we’re here for you when you’re ready to help you plan & book your next Ocean Cruise, River Cruise, Tauck Land Tour or “Sandals” All-Inclusive Vacation! 🙂


We Appreciate You!

Nancy & Shawn
Your Trusted Cruise Experts!

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