Nancy & Shawn Power at the Taj Mahal

A Cruise Isn’t Going To Your Vacation Destination? No Worries, I Sell Land Tours Too!!

Nancy & Shawn Power at the Taj Mahal

A Big HELLO (from a super Exotic place… we’re currently in Jaipur, India!! The picture above was from yesterday in Agra) to all of our Loyal followers who are subscribed to our “Cruise News” email list! (If you’re not subscribed & you happened to simply come across this Blog on our site you can subscribe here)

We’re currently 1 week into a 2 & 1/2 week Land Tour with Tauck where we’re traveling all around one of the most fascinating Countries in the World… India!!

As this is only our second ever organized Land Tour (and, like our 1st one, it’s been truly Fabulous so far!) we figured it’s a great time to remind those who don’t know… Yes, after taking 61 Cruises we know the Cruise Industry inside & out and it by far makes up the majority of trips we book for our clients…

…BUT, we also book Land Tours as well!

As we talk about in this blog post we exclusively recommend land tours that are created & offered by Tauck… FYI, we can also book with 1-2 other companies but due to not near as good reviews, Tauck is by far who we recommend first for land tours!

If you’re a Cruise lover like us (as you’ll see here we’ve personally take 61 Cruises ourselves!) you may be thinking “Why would I be interested in a Land Tour”?

Well, there are several reasons but the simple one is Cruises don’t go everywhere… some places are simply land-locked so a Land Tour is the main way to take an organized trip there… think areas in Africa for Safaris, the inner parts of places like Italy, National Parks throughout the US, etc.

And for some places, even though Cruises visit there, they’re not always the best option in a certain destination.

For example, we’ve been wanting to come to India for years and have had clients do so on Ocean Cruises & on River Cruises… but, the feedback was always they wished they’d seen more of this fascinating Country!

When we started booking clients on this Land Tour in India with Tauck though, the reviews from our clients were so Amazing & our clients Raved about it so much that we knew it was the BEST way to see this Country… even for Cruise Lovers like us… as we’d get to see much more in the time we were here compared to on a Cruise… and when flying half way around the World you want to see everything possible & maximize your time as much as possible!

Speaking of maximizing our time as much as possible, one of the main reasons we booked this Tauck Land Tour for ourslves for April/May, 2019 is our clients who’ve done it raved about the “Charter” flights Tauck includes during their tour which saves you lots of time… and, unlike on a Cruise, we’re not wasting 3-5 days to Cross the Ocean between Australia & New Zealand… we’re simply taking a few hour flight!

Anyways, as always, anytime it makes sense to visit a destination by Cruise ship we’ll always do that ourselves & that’s what we’ll recommend to our clients (as you can’t beat the great food & service on Cruises nor getting to unpack just once!) but again, if a Cruise isn’t going to a destination you’re interested in or you’re not sure visiting a certain place by Cruise is the best option, keep in mind that “YES, we do sell Land Tours” and this blog post explains why Tauck is by far our recommended Land Tour company to Travel with!

We Appreciate You!

Nancy & Shawn
Your Trusted Cruise Experts!

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