My scenic driving tour around Oahu Hawaii

Nancy & Shawn Power enjoying a scenic view along the Makapuu Trail in Oahu, Hawaii
There’s one of the many beautiful scenes we enjoyed while driving around the Island of Oahu today

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii?

Well, we did, and we just “had” to check it all out!…

(You know how we love to get a real life education as we travel, like we talk about in our free eBook, which you can get here if you haven’t read it yet).

But the best way, we decided, to explore the area, was to rent a car, go at our own pace and have a fun adventure checking out all the highlights as we drove around the island.

Oh and just to make sure we didn’t forget anything, we made you a video along the way (it’s down below) and captured an hour by hour “what we’re doing now” (give or take a few minutes :-)) as we drove this scenic route

…check it out and Enjoy!…


Woke up “slowly” to a beautiful morning with Hawaiian music playing to supplement a buzzing alarm clock and then “up and at em” a half hour later. (…and, oh yes …it is the life!) 🙂


A quick stop for a $3.99 hearty breakfast at Jack in the Box… how they make money at those prices is beyond us! 🙂


We just started our scenic driving tour of the island, starting from Waikiki.


Got the car stuck in sand at one of the breathtaking beaches along the way. Thankfully the car had 4 wheel drive, or we really would have been in trouble! 🙂


Hiking Makapuu Trail to see the stunning views and lighthouse. (1 hour and 15 minutes in total it took us, this trail has a gradual incline all the way to the end and is definitely a good workout!) Highly recommend it!


A drop of cold water to cool us down, and now we’re back on the road again after a great hike.


A stop at the “Pali” Look out… amazing views!


Stopped for a bite to eat (we won’t tell you what it was, because it was nasty, tasty and so “not” healthy …but you know, sometimes you just gotta itch the craving) 🙂


Visited the Byodo-In Temple. (Have a look at it in the video below, it’s stunning!)


A quick nap in the shade, seats back, windows down, and the sound of the ocean to send us off to la la land. …Ahhhh.


Ice cream cone stop to cool us down from the hot sunny day!


We finally reached the very tip of the Island called the North Shore, this area is famous for it’s surfing.,, and the beaches are pretty impressive up there!


A stop to see the giant Sea Turtles at Laniakea beach in the North Shore area.  AMAZING!


Took highway 99 coming back down the island heading south toward Honolulu.


A stop at Walmart for some supplies… you need to drink a lot of water in this heat! 🙂


Dropped the car rental back, grabbed a bit of dinner, quick shower, wrote you this blog and put a wrap on the video we made for you, check it out below…

So there you have it, a sample of what it is like to drive starting from Waikiki beach to the very tip of the island called the North Shore, then down the center of the island and back to Honolulu.

Yes, there’s no doubt it’s a long day, but well worth it!…

…We got to visit so many of the highlights that Oahu has to offer, plus we got to spend extra time at the ones we liked the most.

All in all, it was a great day spent in Hawaii!

We Appreciate You!

Nancy & Shawn

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