A video of my experience hiking Diamond Head Crater

Have you thought about hiking in Oahu, Hawaii before or after your Hawaii Cruise- if so, look no further then hiking Diamond Head Crater, a slightly challenging but “must do” trail that takes you to the very top of Waikiki.

View of Waikiki from Diamond Head Crater
View of Waikiki from Diamond Head Crater

And the views from Diamond Head are well worth it… spectacular actually!

But don’t take it from us, have a look at a video we prepared just for you.

In it you’ll be able to see for yourself the fun we had hiking Diamond Head, which by the way took us 32 minutes to get to the very top then back down to the very beginning in just over
1 hour in total… and of course a good 20 minutes of that was enjoying the incredible views along the way. 🙂

Besides the video, which will give you a good taste of what it’s like to hike the Diamond Head crater, here are a couple of pointers that will help you have a “better experience” hiking Diamond Head:

  • wear a good pair of sturdy shoes for hiking this trail, it’s a bit rocky with uneven ground and not suitable for flip flops.
  • Bring lots of water with you as it can be really hot as you are hiking up hill (we had two 500 ml bottles each- perfect amount to get us round trip).
  • Sunscreen, don’t forget to lather up as there is little shade along the trail.
  • We took hats and we’re so happy we did (and highly recommend them for you too), it was super hot today, and they kept our core temperature down so we could comfortably hike and enjoy the trail.
  • Allow for the hike to take anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours in length for a leisurely round trip.



We hope that you now have a better sense of what it’s like hiking Diamond Head crater, and that you’ll be better prepared to enjoy the experience yourself.

: The night before, put a bottle of water in the freezer so that it stays cold in the hot sun until the last drop! (That’s what we do… and it works like a charm. :-))

Have a fabulous time hiking Diamond Head Carter in Oahu, Hawaii during your next Hawaii Cruise!

We Appreciate YOU!

Nancy & Shawn
Your Trusted Cruise Experts!

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