Nyhavn District in Copenhagen

A look at some of the Best Tourist Attractions in Copenhagen

Several years ago while taking a Baltic Sea Cruise, we discovered one of our favorite cities in the region was Copenhagen in Denmark, so today we wanted to highlight what we thought were the best tourist attractions in Copenhagen.

Now before we get into the best tourist attractions in Copenhagen we have to say…

…Copenhagen is one nice city!

It’s Denmark’s Capital and largest city with a little over 1 million people living in the city and almost 2 million all together with the surrounding Metropolitan area included.

The quality of life there is known to be some of the best in the world, always getting top ratings and it’s a very environmentally friendly city.

For example, almost 40% of Copenhagen’s citizens bike to work each day… definitely good for the environment!!

And we can verify this to be true as everyday we commented on how many bike lanes they had there and that they even had their own traffic lights in certain areas.

Copenhagen has lots of parks to enjoy the day in and being almost 1,000 years old it has lots of museums, great architecture and impressive statues to check out.

Best Tourist Attractions in Copenhagen

As mentioned though, the topic of today’s post is the best tourist attractions in Copenhagen… at least in our opinion. 🙂

So here we go:

1. Tivoli Gardens– For us, a visit to Tivoli Gardens when in Copenhagen is a must… the 2nd oldest amusement park in the World it gives you a taste of what Disneyworld would have been like in the mid 19th century.  Like modern amusement parks it’s all about the rides, entertainment, enjoying some great food and having lots of fun!!

A look into Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen
A look into Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen


2. Visiting the “Nyhavn” District– This is a famous waterfront, canal and entertainment area in Copenhagen. The brightly colored buildings that line the walkway totally reminded us of areas where we’re originally from in St. John’s, Newfoundland… very picturesque!  It’s a great place though to sit back, have a drink, people watch and enjoy one of Copenhagen’s “Smorrebrod” open-faced sandwiches.

Nyhavn District in Copenhagen
Nyhavn District in Copenhagen


3. Pay a visit to the “Little Mermaid” Statue– This statue that sits on a rock in Copenhagen’s harbor is based on the famous tale by Hans Christian Anderson and is a major tourist attraction in the city… you just can’t go home without your own personal picture of it on your memory card! 🙂

The Famous "Little Mermaid" Statue in Copenhagen
The Famous “Little Mermaid” Statue in Copenhagen


4. Check out the city’s stunning architecture– Whether it’s the Amalienborg Palace (where the Danish Royal family still resides), the Marble Church, the Church of Our Saviour, the Opera House, Christiansborg Palace, City Hall Square, the Royal Danish Theatre, etc. Copenhagen has lots of Beautiful structures to check out so make sure to enjoy them all!

Nancy Power taking in the Square at the Amalienborg Palace with the Marble Church in the background
Nancy taking in the Square at the Amalienborg Palace with the Marble Church in the background


5. Enjoy a Carlsberg Beer– Ok, drinking a beer may not be a tourist attraction but when in Copenhagen a very “local” thing to do is enjoy one of the word’s most famous beers… brewed right here!

Nancy & Shawn Power enjoying a cold Carlsberg Beer
Nancy & Shawn enjoying a cold Carlsberg Beer


6. Stroll the famous “Stroget” pedestrian shopping/entertainment area– This car-free zone is a must when in Copenhagen… a shopper’s paradise it hosts 250,000+ people each day during the summer. Now, for those of you non-shoppers, no worries, there’s lots of “street” entertainment to be had and places to enjoy a drink or bite to eat… our favorite place to enjoy a yummy Copenhagen hotdog or a tasty danish. (one of the city’s best creations!! :-))

Shawn Power enjoying some of the street entertainers on the "Stroget" in Copenhagen
Shawn enjoying some of the street entertainers on the “Stroget” in Copenhagen



Shawn Power enjoying a Yummy Hot-dog in Copenhagen
And there he is enjoying one of those Yummy Hot-dogs we just mentioned 🙂


By far though our favorite and #1 recommended of the tourist attractions in Copenhagen is

7. Taking a canal ride through the city’s unique canal system– For us, this was definitely the best view of Copenhagen… to see the city’s areas and architecture from the water was something else… it gave us a true feel of what it must have been like all those years ago before there were cars & streets.

One of the great views Nancy & Shawn Power experienced during their Canal Ride in Copenhagen
One of the great views we experienced during our Canal Ride in Copenhagen


So there you have it, our top recommended tourist attractions in Copenhagen… of course, there’s so much more to do there but the above will give you a great head start!! 🙂

Visit our Copenhagen & Baltic Sea Cruise photo & video gallery to see the rest of our pics from this awesome Cruise.

We appreciate You!

Nancy & Shawn
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