Family Cruise instead of inheritance

7 Reasons To Take a Cruise with your Family & Friends!

Family Cruise instead of inheritance


A few weeks ago for our 56th Cruise, we enjoyed our 5th Cruise with Family & Friends… there’s our group of 16 above.

We did a 7 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise onboard “Norwegian Escape” but of course our points below are the same if you do a River Cruise in Europe, an exotic Cruise around the Hawaiian Islands, a small ship sailing in the Galapagos, a River Cruise & Safari in Africa, etc.

Every time we do a group Cruise like this we’re reminded why it’s so much better then flying home to spend a week with Family where back there we’d be at one 1/2 of our family’s place for dinner one night, the other’s the next, with friends the next, etc.

When everyone takes the time to fly to a Beautiful place and set off for a week of Cruising together it makes the time together extra special as no-one is worried about their normal “to do lists” they would back home.

Here is our “Home Away From Home” we enjoyed together for a full 7 nights:


Norwegian Escape ship


Here are 7 reasons why we think it’s a GREAT idea to take a Cruise with your Family & Friends!

(And we’ve had many clients over the years who’ve even paid for an entire trip with their Family like this as they said the end result was a much better one then if they simply gave them a bunch of money in their will when they were gone.)


1. Memories for a Lifetime


having fun during snorkeling during our family cruise


For us, this was something so important to do sooner than later because it is inevitable that the older generations will start passing eventually, something we hate to think about, but it is a part of life that we all must face eventually and for some of us- we already have…

…so we wanted to have some incredible memories to always have in the back of our minds and some amazing pictures to treasure.

A family cruise together is something we will cherish and never forget!



2. No “to do” lists


our family cruise 2017


Usually when family gatherings happen, whomever is the host is spending HOURS preparing the home and meal for the get-together. Then they need to turn around and clean up after everyone is gone home. It is exhausting and you don’t truly spend time together when you are so busy in the kitchen or working at the BBQ.

On a Cruise together, every single person is in a happy vacation mode!



3. Something to look forward to


family cruise positives


One of the best things about planning a vacation together is that everyone has a common goal “to have fun on their precious vacation” and it’s something fun to focus on together.

You communicate more often with each other too!

For our trip, we were playfully trying to figure out where to get clothes for the “White Night Party onboard” for example.

The kids were texting us (which is a rarity) saying “10 more sleeps”.

And we were all expressing to each other how excited we were the closer the cruise got and how much we looked forward to it…

we think the time leading up to the cruise, the anticipation, is almost as fun as being onboard. 🙂



4. Seeing family members from far away


family cruise over inheritance


For us, most of our Family happens to be on the East Coast and we live on the West Coast so it was exciting for us all to have an opportunity to be together.

Having everyone under the same roof so to speak and not having to take taxis or worry about logistics once there, now that is a rarity… and a welcoming one at that!



5. Focus on each other


excursions as a family on a family cruise together


When everyone is relaxed and in vacation mode, family members are simply happier, all their troubles are put aside and you can spend REAL quality time with one another.

You’ll probably notice things you haven’t seen in a long time, have meaningful conversations- something you haven’t done in a while and even enjoy a comfortable silence together. 🙂


6. Play time together


family cruise over inheritance


Onboard big ships, there is SO much to do and enjoy together and we did it ALL and had many laughs and good times.

We played arcade games, went to comedy shows, watched live music, Broadway productions, game shows and so much more.

We enjoyed delicious food and drinks, but you can see all those pictures in our Pictures and Photo gallery

The kids enjoyed a section of the ship dedicated to them with water slides, a basketball court, mini golf, ropes course and the list goes on.


reasons to take a faily cruise



7. It’s even more rewarding if you are the one paying

If you are flipping the bill for this family cruise vacation, it’s a selfish act!

Yes, you heard us right– selfish!

It’s selfish because you get SO MUCH enjoyment from noticing all the above 6 points taking place.

Family members smile more then they have in years or…

…you recognize belly laughs you haven’t heard in a while but is contagious with the entire family and everyone is so grateful and simply happy to be together.

It’s the way paying for a trip like this “makes you feel” that’s so selfish. It truly is worth all it’s weight in gold. Nothing feels as good as giving, especially to the ones you love.


Well there you go… that was a look at our latest Family & Friends Cruise and we would highly recommend going on one for yourselves one day soon!

If you would like to learn more about what we did, click here to see pictures of the ship, all the things to do onboard and a video of our stateroom.


Any questions or to book a Family Cruise of your own contact Shawn… he’ll be Happy to help you create Memories of a Lifetime like this as well! 🙂

We appreciate you! 

Nancy & Shawn
Your Trusted Cruise Experts!

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