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Meet Shawn Power

Shawn Power at the Taj Mahal

If you’re looking to organize an incredible Cruise experience, there’s no one better to work with than Shawn Power. 

With 18+ years in the Cruise Industry (Including having personally sailed on 85 Cruises) and personal journeys to 88 countries, Shawn has created a blueprint for you to confidently embark on your Dream Cruise Vacation.

Specializing in Cruises, Shawn’s award-winning Travel Agency has advised and sent over 7,500 clients of his on unforgettable Cruise Vacations all around the World, and he recently added Tauck Land Tours to his portfolio.

His passion for sharing the life-changing magic of Cruise Vacations with others led him to create this site, which is one of the most comprehensive Cruise & Travel resources available whether it’s your first time taking a Cruise or you’re a regular on “The Open Seas”! All the Cruise reviews, travel tips, and resources found on this website are written by him and based on his “real-life”/personal experiences.

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