Picture of Glacier Bay, Alaska from a Cruise Ship

Enjoying a Beautiful Alaskan day… in Glacier Bay

Flag of CanadaFirst off, before we start today’s post about cruising Glacier Bay, we have to get a little something out of the way…

Happy Canada Day!!

Yes, we’re still in the “US of A” enjoying our week exploring Alaska but we couldn’t not stop and give a shout out to our Family & Friends back in Canada enjoying the July 1st celebrations.

We seem to be creating a habit lately of saying “Happy Canada Day” from somewhere in the world where we’re Cruising, other then home in Canada… this year it’s from Glacier Bay in Alaska, last year it was from Mykonos, Greece during our Med Cruise, in 2009 it was from Berlin, Germany during our Baltic Cruise… where will we be saying it from next year? … stay tuned! 🙂

Picture of Glacier Bay, Alaska from a Cruise ShipSo as expected, we’re having a great time here in Alaska as we did during our previous 2 Cruises & 1 Cruise land tour to this beautiful part of the world.

And speaking of being a beautiful part of the world…

…a place in Alaska that truly shows that beauty off is in Glacier Bay National Park.

There are several ways to explore Glacier Bay National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but our experience here has been the same way it is for many… from a Cruise ship while cruising around Glacier Bay.

Almost a half million people do just that each summer!  Yep, Alaska Cruises are very popular!!

And that’s what it’s all about… checking out the several major glaciers that run into Glacier Bay and ideally, seeing some “calving” right before your eyes… that’s where the towering walls of ice break off while leaving behind a thunderous roar.

Like many, you may have seen this on TV before but we can tell you from several times experiencing “tidewater” glaciers (they’re glaciers that run into the water compared to landlocked ones) there’s nothing like the “real life” version of being here!

If you’re interested though in taking a “Live Look” at what the park is like, here’s our Glacier Bay & Alaska Cruise photo & video gallery.

And seeing the glaciers in Glacier Bay isn’t the only beauty of the park… nearby are snow-capped mountain ranges, ocean coastlines, deep fjords, and freshwater rivers and lakes.

And then there’s the wildlife… on any given day you could come across grizzly or black bears, moose, sea otters, sea lions, dolphins, whales, eagles, etc.

Glacier Bay National Park truly has it all!

So no mater how you experience Glacier Bay National Park… from a Cruise ship as many do or by flying into Gustavus (there are no roads into the park so by air or sea are the 2 options) and exploring by land…

…there’s one thing we know for sure…

it’ll be an amazing Alaskan Day… when you spend some time exploring Glacier Bay!! 🙂

Nancy & Shawn
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