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Stuck At Home? Here Are Some Ideas To Help You “Dream A Little”!

Travel QuoteHi there Cruise Lovers!! 🙂


If you’re like us, due to the current state of “not being allowed to Travel”, we’re desperately missing not being able to enjoy a new destination/enjoy another Cruise to add on top of the 66 wonderful sailings we’ve already taken! 🙁


In fact, during the week of March 9th-15th (when the World decided to go “off-balance” for a while!!) we personally had 2 Cruises cancelled on us that we were supposed to start that week and we had to cut our Vacation short & fly home 3 weeks early but, hopefully like yourself right now, we’re safe at home & CAN’T WAIT for things to get back to normal!! 🙂


In the meantime, we’re still constantly dreaming/chatting about our next great Vacation and have our fingers crossed that we get to enjoy the rest of our trips we have planned this year… a Tauck “Small Ship” Cruise to Iceland, going Home to Newfoundland to see our families, a Tauck Land Tour in Morrocco, a Danube River Cruise with AMA Waterways and an “Oceania” Cruise in the Caribbean to end the year with our Parents!!


How about you… are you like us, still home “dreaming” about Travel as well!! 🙂


If so, let us help you with some ideas to explore and to “get away from all the craziness for a few minutes” and maybe you’ll even come up with that next great Cruise/Vacation idea for you!!


So, to help you create a list of some fun ideas for your next Vacation (once we’re all allowed out of our homes again!) here’s some blog posts we wrote in the past that hopefully you’ll enjoy if you haven’t seen them before! 🙂


This post will take you to our “Our Favorite Cruises-Part 2” post which will talk about a bunch of sailings that we REALLY enjoyed and that’ll link you to our original “Our Favorite Cruises” post so you’ll get LOTS of great Cruise ideas between those 2 write ups!!


Since we wrote that post over 2 years ago we’ve also experienced some other great Cruises sine then like:



Venice & Croatia: 







And as mentioned here we also sell Land Tours with Tauck which means we also have experienced some of their HIGH Quality Tours as well… here are our 2 favorites so far:



Australia & New Zealand: 



So there you have it, some Inspirational Travel ideas for you to ponder during this unique time which will help you figure out the next Great place for you to travel…

…as soon as we all get permission to leave our homes again!! 🙂


We Appreciate You!

Nancy & Shawn
Your Trusted Cruise Experts!

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